Paul, Billy
Ebony Woman: (Epic 1970)
* “Let's Fall in Love All Over”
     Gang Starr’s “Moment of Truth”

360 Degrees of Billy Paul: (Columbia 1972)
* “Am I Black Enough for You?”
     Fu-Schnickens’s “Tru Fuschnik”
     Schoolly D’s “Am I Black Enough for You?”
* “It's Too Late”
     MOP’s “Face Off”
* “I'm Just a Prisoner”
     Scarface ft. Lil Wayne & Bun B’s “Forgot About Me”

War of the Gods: (Philadelphia International 1973)
* “War of the Gods”
     DJ Shadow’s “What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt 2”

Got My Head on Straight: (Columbia 1975)
* “Enlightenment”
     Xzibit’s “Enemies and Friends”

Let Em In: (Philadelphia International 1976)
* “Word Sure Gets Around”
     Murs’s “Freak These Tales”

First Class: (Philadelphia International 1979)
* “Thank You (For This Blessing)”
     Cormega’s “Live ya Life”

The Best Of: (Legacy Records 1979)
* “What are We Going to Do Now that He's Back”
     Buckshot’s “He's Back”

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