Vinyl Shops!
Dave's Records is dirt cheap! One of the best on the net, with no crap to wade through!

JumpJump has some good records for sale. Don't miss Ryan's Beat Bin!

Sold Viper has mad rare records, and the price tags to prove it!

Also worth checking out are Records Unlimited, Roots Records, Dane C Labarr Records,
Vinyl Vendor's Search, Music Search, and Vinyl Web.

For you UK Heads, or willing to go international, try Hard to Find Records, Jazzman Records, Rare Grooves Records Sweetbeats, Soul Crates, Crazy Beat Records.

Compact Disc's!
If your religion does not demand vinyl, there are several cd shops around the net worth checking. Best for your general needs are CD World (slightly cheaper), and CD-Now.
In Your Ear has some neat 70's and 80's stuff that's hard to find, and Timewarp Records is much the same for the UK.

Beat Archives!
Ill Lunch's Beats and Vinyl has neat stuff on it, like a David Axelrod tribute page, original beats, and rare joints to sample.

With Mhat's Drum Archive, the title speaks for itself! A very tight page with dozens of true drum break-beats.
And ohh, his Samplehead webring rocks!

Special thanks out to the Molemen for letting me jack some pictures from their dusties page.

DJ Sladd and Dj Earbleed's Hardcore Homepage have samples for you to check out too, in zipped wav files, and Vinyl Heaven has some neat, rare breaks too.

Pages on Beats!
The Soulman's World of Beats page is dope! Matt McClellan's M.I.C.A.H. are both highly reccomended!

Funkymusic is described as "The Black Hole of Funky Music", with dozens of pictures of rare records.

Jordon Rich has a page on funk that's always worth a look. Interesting page on Blaxplotation flicks too!

VinylExcavations webpage tells you about their Netcasts.

The Kitchen Sink!
People Helping One Another Know Stuff, or PHROAKS has a good links page.

Complete track listings for Ultimate Breaks and Beats are always handy.

Dj Essential's Hip Joint is cool! Check out his breaks!

Mike Dagger's page is a quite nice look at production and news, and another where he sells sound for the ASR and the MPC

Douglas Payne has created a CTI Discography.

Ben Gottlieb from Sweden has created a page on the samples from house music.

Ace Records, and Ubiquity Records.

More Links later!