Donaldson, Lou
At His Best: (Cadet 1966)
* “Wig Blues”
     Brand Nubian’s “Weed vs. Weaves”

Alligator Bogaloo: (Blue Note 1967)
* “One Cylinder”
     Hard 2 Obtain’s “Joker's World”
     MC Solaar’s “Qui Some Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo”

Mr. Shing a Ling: (Blue Note 1968)
* “Ode to Billy Joe” (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Clap Your Hands”
     Alkaholiks’s “Likwit”
     Beatnuts’s “Third of the Trio”
     Beatnuts’s “World Famous”
     Black Sheep’s “Still in the Ghetto”
     Brand Nubian’s “Steal Ya Ho”
     Channel Live’s “Homicide Ride”
     Cypress Hill’s “Lil' Putos”
     Da Lench Mob’s “Who Are You Gonna Shoot with That?”
     Das EFX’s “Alright”
     De la Soul’s “View”
     Dig! Alliance’s “Inner Spaces”
     Double XX Posse’s “The Pure Thing”
     FU2’s “Boomin' in Ya Jeep”
     Gospel Gangstas’s “Before Redemption”
     Grand Puba’s “Reel to Reel”
     Greyboy’s “Dollar Signs”
     Jeru’s “Can't Stop the Prophet”
     Justin Warfield’s “Live from the Opium Den”
     King T ft tha Alkaholiks’s “Got it Bad Y'all”
     Kool Keith’s “Sex Style”
     L.L. Cool J ft. 50 Cent’s “Feel My Heartbeat”
     Lil' Kim ft Jr. Mafia’s “We Don't Need It”
     Lord Finesse’s “Stop Sweating the Next Man”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Sleep for Dinner”
     Mad Skillz’s “Unseen World”
     MadKap’s “When it Rains it Pours”
     Mary J. Blige’s “You Don't Have to Worry”
     Naked Funk’s “Pearls of Compassion”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Old to the New”
     Onyx’s “Bust Dat Ass”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “On and On”
     Shadz of Lingo’s “Think I Give a Fuck”
     ShowBiz & A.G.’s “Catchin' Wreck”
     ShowBiz & A.G.’s “Medicine”
     The Associates’s “From the Ground Up”
     The Roots’s “Good Music”
     Visionaries’s “Blessings”
     Warren G’s “This is the Shack”
* “Peepin'”
     Wiseguys’s “The Sound You Hear”

Hot Dog: (Blue Note 1969)
* “Who's Making Love?”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Hot Sex”
     Craig G’s “Droppin' Science”
     Craig G’s “U R Not tha 1”
     Das EFX’s “Kaught in Da Ak”
     De la Soul’s “Once again Strong Island”
     Mary J. Blige’s “Everyday it Rains”
     MC Lyte’s “Why U Wanna Get Fly”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Pump it Up”
     Notorious BIG’s “One More Chance”
     Run-DMC’s “Wreck Shop”
     Skoolbeats’s “Science”
* “Turtle Walk”
     Kool Keith & Percee P’s “You're Late”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “All Souled Out”
     Yo-Yo’s “You Better Ask Somebody”
* “Hot Dog”
     De la Soul’s “3 Days Later”
* “It's Your Thing”
     Brand Nubian’s “Punks Jump up to Get Beat Down”
     Casual’s “That's How it is (Pt II)”
     Chocolate Bamboo & Nubian Crackers’s “Test Da Rocket Launcher”
     De la Soul’s “Bitties in the BK Lounge”
     Funkmaster Flex ft 9DoubleM’s “6 Million Ways to Die”
     Lord Finesse’s “Stop Sweating the Next Man”
     Madonna’s “I'd Rather Be Your Lover”
     Real Live’s “Turnaround”
     Skoolbeats’s “It's Your Thing”
     Super Cat’s “Ghetto Red Hot”
     The LOX’s “Get this $”
     The Roots’s “It's Comin'”
     Tragedy’s “Funk Mode”
     Tragedy’s “Pass the Teck”

Everything I Play is Gohn Be Funky: (Blue Note 1970)
* “Everything I Play is Gohn Be Funky”
     Kurious’s “Jorge of the Projects”
     US3’s “Cantaloop”
* “Donkey Walk”
     Run-DMC’s “3 in the Head”
     Shyheim’s “Buckwylin'”
* “Hamp's Hump”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Frustrated”

Pretty Things: (Blue Note 1970)
* “Pot Belly”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “If the Papes Come”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Let Yourself Go”
     Compton's Most Wanted’s “Driveby Miss Daisy”
     Da King & I’s “Flip Da Scrip”
     Demon Boyz’s “Glimity Glamity”
     Divine Styler’s “It's a Black Thing”
     DJ Cam’s “Gangsta Shit”
     Dr. Dre’s “Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat”
     Freestyle Fellowship’s “Respect Due”
     Goats’s “?”
     Greg Osby’s “Intelligent Madness”
     Guru ft MC Solaar’s “Le Bieu Le Mal”
     Heavy D’s “Blue Funk”
     House of Pain’s “Jump Around”
     Ice Cube’s “Horny Lil' Devil”
     Intelligent Hoodlum’s “At Large”
     Intelligent Hoodlum’s “Underground”
     Kid Capri’s “Joke's on You Jack”
     King & I’s “Flip Da Scrip”
     Leaders of the New School’s “The End is Near”
     Lord Finesse’s “Do Your Thing”
     MadKap’s “Cheeba 2”
     Main Source’s “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball”
     MC Solaar’s “Qui Some Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo”
     Minus 8’s “Zero G”
     Pharcyde’s “4 Better or 4 Worse”
     Tim Dog’s “Timberlands”
     Tragedy’s “At Large”
     Tragedy’s “Underground”
     X-Clan’s “Holy Rum Swig”
     Youngstas’s “Iz U Wit Me”
     Youngstas’s “Pass Da Mic”
* “Curtis' Song”
     Tragedy’s “Pass the Teck”

Cosmos: (Blue Note 1971)
* “The Caterpillar”
     ISP’s “I'm on a Roll”

Sweet Lou: (Blue Note 1974)
* “You're Welcome, Stop on By”
     AZ’s “Your World Don't Stop”

?: (? ?)
* “Coo' Blues”
     US3’s “It's Like That”

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