S.O.S. Band
S.O.S.: (Tabu 1980)
* “Take Your Time Do it Right”
     Black Sheep’s “Strobelite Honey”
     Coolio’s “Let's Do It”
     F.S. Effect’s “Do It Right”

On the Rise: (Tabu 1983)
* “Tell Me If You Still Care”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “I'm Looking for the One. . .”
     Foesum’s “Don't Get it Twisted”
     LL Cool J’s “Hip Hop”
     Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”
* “Just Be Good to Me”
     Beats International’s “Dub Be Good to Me”
     Shaq’s “Just Be Good to Me”
     Silkk the Shocker’s “Just Be Straight with Me”
     Tupac ft Richie Rich’s “Heavy in the Game”

Just the Way You Like It: (Tabu 1984)
* “No One's Gonna Love You”
     Conscious Daughters’s “Funky Expedition”
     Foxxy Brown’s “No One's”
     Maxwell’s “Ascension”
     Spice 1’s “Welcome to the Ghetto”

Sands of Time: (Tabu 1985)
* “The Finest”
     Foul Play’s “Finest Illusion”
     MF Doom’s “The Finest”
     Towa Tei’s “Congratulations”

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