Badder Than Evil
Gordon's War soundtrack: (Buddah 1974)
* “Hot Wheels (The Chase)”
     Blade’s “The Comin' is Near”
     Bomb the Bass’s “You See Me In 3D”
     Coldcut’s “Theme from Evil Eddy”
     Deadly Avenger’s “We Took Pelham”
     Depth Charge’s “Poison Clan '95”
     DJ Food’s “The Chase”
     Freestylers’s “Feel the Panic”
     Paradox’s “Jail Break”
     Public Enemy’s “Burn Hollywood Burn”
     She Rocker’s “On Stage”
     That Petrol Emotion’s “Hey Venus (Mad Thatcher Disease Mix)”
     The Are ft Mic’s “The Beatdown”
     Was Not Was’s “Spy in the House of Love (Streetsahead Mix)”

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