Steely Dan
Royal Scam: (ABC 1975)
* “Green Earring”
     Ice Cube’s “Don't Trust 'Em”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Walk into the Sun”
     Zimbabwe Legit’s “Legitimate Mix”
* “The Fez”
     All Saints’s “I Know Where it's At”
     Brothers Like Outlaw’s “Trapped into Darkness”

Countdown to Ecstasy: (MCA 1973)
* “Showbiz Kids”
     Super Furry Animals’s “The Man Don't Give a Fuck”

The Royal Scam: (ABC 1976)
* “Kid Charlemagne”
     Kanye West’s “Champion”

Aja: (MCA 1977)
* “Peg”
     De la Soul’s “Eye Know”
     Goldie’s “In the Land of Funk”
* “Black Cow”
     Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz’s “Deja Vu”
     MF Doom’s “Gas Drawlz”
     Porn Theatre Ushers’s “Me & Him”
     Tatyana Ali’s “Daydreamin'”
* “Home at Last”
     Big Shug’s “Stripped and Pistol Whipped”

FM soundtrack: (MCA 1978)
* “FM”
     3rd Bass’s “No Static at All”
     3rd Bass’s “Peg”
     De la Soul’s “Eye Know”

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