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Section 1. Soul

Money Talks: (Stax 1978)
* "Holy Ghost" (Intro)
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Brown, James
The Popcorn: (King 1969)
* "Soul Pride"
     Mr. X & Mr.Y - "1956"

Black Caesar: (Polydor 1973)
* "Down and out in New York City"
     Mr. Complex ft L Fudge - "New York Minute"

Byrd, Bobby
single: (Brownstone 1971)
* "Hot Pants. . . I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Castor, Jimmy Bunch
It's Just Begun: (RCA 1972)
* "It's Just Begun"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Franklin, Aretha
I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You): (Atlantic 1967)
* "Respect"
     Mr. X & Mr. Z - "Respect"

Graham Central Station
Ain't No Bout-A-Doubt It: (Warner Bros 1975)
* "The Jam" (Drums)
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

J. B.'s, The
Doing it to Death: (People 1973)
* "Introduction to the JB's"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"
* "More Peas" (Drums)
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Johnson, Syl
single: (Twilight 1967)
* "Different Strokes" (Vocals)
     Mr. X & Mr. Z - "Respect"

Kendricks, Eddie
People. . . Hold On: (Tamla 1972)
* "Girl You Need a Change of Mine"
     Mr. Cheeks - "Hands High"

Kool and the Gang
Spirit of the Boogie: (De-Lite 1975)
* "Jungle Jazz"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Last Poets
This is Madness: (Metrotone 1971)
* "Mean Machine"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Mary Jane Girls
Mary Jane Girls: (Motown 1983)
* "Musical Love"
     Mr. Cheeks - "The Hustle"

The Meters: (Josie 1969)
* "Cissy Strut"
     Mr. Complex - "Why Don't Cha"

O'Neal, Alexander
Hearsay: (Tabu 1987)
* "Sunshine"
     Mr. Cheeks - "Brighter"

Olympic Runners
Out in Front: (London 1975)
* "Get this Thing Down"
     Money Mark - "Push this Button"

Simpson, Valerie
Valerie Simpson: (Tamla 1972)
* "Silly Wan't I?"
     Murs - "Silly Girl"

Trouble Funk
Drop the Bomb: (Sugar Hill 1982)
* "Pump Me Up"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Section 2. Jazz

Benson, George
White Rabbit: (CTI 1971)
* "White Rabbit"
     Exlib and Mr. Hyde - "Feed Your Head"

Clarke, Stanley
Stanley Clarke: (Nemperor 1974)
* "Yesterday Princess"
     Mr. Complex - "Big Fronter"

Hubbard, Freddie
Keep Your Soul Together: (CTI 1972)
* "Keep Your Soul Together"
     Murs - "Untitled"

Lewis, Ramsey
Sun Goddess: (CBS 1974)
* "Sun Goddess"
     Mr. Complex - "Visualize"
* "Tambura"
     Mr. Complex - "Visualize"

Paul, Billy
Let Em In: (Philadelphia International 1976)
* "Word Sure Gets Around"
     Murs - "Freak These Tales"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Fleetwood Mac
Heroes Are Hard to Find: (Reprise 1987)
* "Prove Your Love" (Drums)
     Mr. Complex - "Visualize"

No Matter What Shape Your Stomach is In: (Liberty 1966)
* "No Matter What Shape Your Stomach is In"
     Mr. X & Mr.Y - "1956"

Section 6. Old School Rap

B-Side & Fab Five Freddy
single: (Celluloid 1982)
* "Change le Beat" (Vocals: "This stuff is fresh!")
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Section 7. Comedy

Pryor, Richard
Wanted: Live in Concert: (Warner Bros 1979)
* "Can You Wait 'Til I Put it In?"
     Mr. Complex - "Ima Killit"

Section 18. Compilations

Sumner, Geoffrey
A Journey into Stereo Sound: (London ?)
* "Train Sequence" (Vocals: "This is a Journey Into Sound")
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

Wattstax: (Stax 1972)
* "I Don't Know What this World is Coming To" (Vocals)
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"

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