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Section 1. Soul

Instant Funk
Instant Funk: (Salsoul 1979)
* "I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get it Girl)"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The Projects (Pjays)"

MacDermot, Galt
Shapes of Rhythm: (Kilmarnock ?)
* "Coffee Cold"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The Truth"

Moulin, Marc
Sam Suffy: (CBS 1975)
* "Thoubohu pt I"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "Waterworld"

Wynder K. Frog
Into the Fire: (United Artists 1968)
* "Howl in Wolfs Clothing"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The Projects (P-Jays)"

Section 2. Jazz

Butler, Billy
?: (? ?)
* "Blow for the Crossing" (Drums)
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The Truth"

Novi Singers
Five, Four, Three: (Polskie Nagrania 1974)
* "Five, Four, Three"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "Magnetizing"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Three Dog Night
Harmony: (Harmony 1971)
* "Old Fashion Love Song"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "Once Again (Here to Kick One for You)"

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