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Section 1. Soul

Baker, Anita
Giving You the Best That I Got: (Elektra 1988)
* "Good Love"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Faith Evans - "Stressed Out"

Bofill, Angela
Teaser: (Arista 1983)
* "Gotta Make it up to You"
     Faith Evans - "Life Will Pass You By"

C'est Chic: (Atlantic 1978)
* "Chic Cheer"
     Faith Evans - "Love Like This"

Davis, Tyrone
In the Mood with Tyrone Davis: (Columbia 1979)
* "In the Mood"
     Faith Evans - "Give it to Me"

Guthrie, Gwen
Portrait: (Island 1983)
* "Seventh Heaven"
     Faith Evans - "Good Life"

Hayes, Isaac
Hot Buttered Soul: (Enterprise 1968)
* "Walk on By"
     Faith Evans - "No Other Love"

Central Heating: (GTO 1978)
* "Mind Blowin' Decisions"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Faith Evans & Raphael Saddig - "Stressed Out"

single: (Sound of New York 1982)
* "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"
     Faith Evans - "Back to Love"

Johnson, Al
Back for More: (CBS 1980)
* "I'm Back for More"
     Faith Evans - "Sunny Days"

MacDermot, Galt
Woman is Sweeter soundtrack: (Kilmarnock 1969)
* "Space"
     Faith Evans - "I Can't Help (Feeling the Way I Feel)"

Juicy Fruit: (Epic 1983)
* "Juicy Fruit" (Intro)
     Faith Evans - "Faithfully"

Porter, David
?: (Stax 1971)
* "I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over"
     Faith Evans - "Alone in this World"

Rogers, D.J.
It's Good To Be Alive: (RCA 1976)
* "Faithful to the End"
     Faith Evans - "Faithful (Interlude)"

Rose Royce
Rose Royce Strikes Back: (Whitfield 1978)
* "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"
     Faith Evans - "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"

Rufusized: (ABC 1974)
* "Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me of a Friend)"
     Faith Evans - "You Gets No Love"

Live-Stompin' at the Savoy: (Warner Bros 1983)
* "Ain't Nobody"
     Faith Evans - "Ain't Nobody (Who Could Love Me)"

Rushen, Patrice
Straight from the Heart: (Elektra/Asylum 1982)
* "Remind Me"
     Faith Evans - "Fallin' in Love"

Section 2. Jazz

Barber, Chris
single: (Pye 1959)
* "Petite Fleur"
     Carl Thomas ft Faith Evans - "So Emotional"

Franks, Michael
Passionfruit: (Warner Bros. 1983)
* "Never Say Die"
     Faith Evans - "Where We Stand"

Laws, Hubert
The Chicago Theme: (CTI 1975)
* "I Had a Dream"
     Faith Evans - "Do Your Time"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Worlds Apart: (Polydor 1980)
* "Stay"
     Jay-Z ft Faith Evans & Notorious B.I.G. - "A Dream"

The Police
Synchronicity: (A&M 1983)
* "Every Breath You Take"
     Puff Daddy ft Faith Evans & 112 - "I'll Be Missing You"

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