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Section 1. Soul

Bell, Archie & the Drells
?: (Philadelphia International 1976)
* "Don't Let Love Get You Down"
     Ed OG - "Bug-A Boo"

Bohannon, Hamilton
Stop & Go: (Dakar 1973)
* "Singing a Song for My Mother"
     Ed OG - "I Gotsta Have It"

Brown, James
Everybody's Doin' the Hustle and Dead on the Double Bump: (Polydor 1975)
* "Your Love"
     Ed OG - "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy"

Coffey, Dennis
Evolution: (Sussex 1971)
* "Getting it On"
     Ed OG - "Dat Ain't Right"

Conley, Arthur
Soul Directions: (Atco 1968)
* "Love Comes and Goes"
     Ed OG - "Love Comes and Goes"

Delfonics, The
The Delfonics: (Philly Groove 1970)
* "Trying to Make a Fool of Me"
     Ed OG - "Gotta Have Money"

Detroit Emeralds
You Want It, You Got It: (Westbound 1972)
* "Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)"
     Ed OG - "?"

Untouched: (Stax 1971)
* "Blind Alley"
     Ed OG - "Go Up & Up"
     Ed OG - "I'm Different"

Five Stairsteps
Love's Happening: (Curtom 1968)
* "Don't Change Your Love" (Drums)
     Ed OG - "Skinny Dip"

Hayes, Isaac
Hot Buttered Soul: (Enterprise 1968)
* "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" (Piano)
     Ed OG - "Speak on It"

The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein: (Casablanca 1976)
* "Dr. Funkenstein"
     Ed OG - "Dedicated to the Right Wingers"

Sly & the Family Stone (Stone, Sly)
Stand: (Epic 1969)
* "Sing a Simple Song" (Drums)
     Ed OG - "Skinny Dip"

Withers, Bill
Still Bill: (Sussex 1971)
* "Kissin' My Love" (Drums)
     Ed OG - "Speak on It"

Wright, Bernard
'Nard: (GRP/Arista 1981)
* "Haboglabotribin"
     Ed OG - "She Said it Was Great"

Section 2. Jazz

Ayers, Roy (Ubiquity)
Vibrations: (Polydor 1977)
* "Searchin'"
     Ed OG - "Be a Father to Your Child"

Benson, George
Shape of Things to Come: (A&M 1968)
* "Face it Boy, It's Over"
     Ed OG - "Love Comes and Goes"

James, Bob
Two: (CTI 1975)
* "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" (Drums)
     Ed OG - "Feel Like a Nut"

Three: (CTI 1976)
* "Storm King" (Intro)
     Ed OG - "Feel Like a Nut"

Klemmer, John
Blowin' Gold: (Chess 1969)
* "Free Soul"
     Ed OG - "Less than Zero"

McCann, Les
Layers: (Atlantic 1973)
* "The Dunbar High School Marching Band"
     Ed OG - "Streets of the Ghetto"

Scott, Tom
The Honeysuckle Breeze: (Impulse 1968)
* "Never My Love"
     Ed OG - "Skinny Dip"

Washington, Grover, Jr.
Feels So Good: (Kudu 1975)
* "Knucklehead" (Intro Strings)
     Ed OG - "Life of a Kid in the Ghetto"
* "Hydra"
     Ed OG - "Stop (Think for a Moment)"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Little Feat
Dixie Chicken: (Warner Bros 1973)
* "Fool Yourself" (Drums)
     Ed OG - "Less than Zero"

Section 8. Soundtracks

Moroder, Giorgio
Scarface soundtrack: (MCA 1983)
* "Theme"
     Kreators ft Ed OG - "No Ordinary Love"

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