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Section 1. Soul

Barbara and Ernie
Prelude to . . .: (Cotillion 1971)
* "Satisfied"
     Brother Ali - "Uncle Sam Goddamn"

Black Ivory
Baby Won't You Change Your Mind: (Today 1973)
* "It's Time to Say Goodbye"
     Brother Ali - "Love on Display"

Bond, Lou
Lou Bond: (We Produce 1974)
* "To the Establishment"
     Brother Ali - "Picket Fence"

Bryson, Peabo
Crosswinds: (Capitol 1978)
* "Point of View"
     Brother Ali - "Star Quality"

Butler, Jerry
Sweet Sixteen: (Mercury 1974)
* "Take this Time to Tell Her"
     Brother Ali - "Shadows on the Sun"

How 'Bout Us: (Columbia 1981)
* "I'm On Fire"
     Brother Ali - "Ear to Ear"

Chocolate Milk
Friction: (RCA 1982)
* "Don't Make Me Wait"
     Brother Ali - "Chain Link"

Sweet as Funk Can Be: (Cadet 1972)
* "Brown Eyed Lady"
     Brother Ali - "Prince Charming"

Fair, Yvonne
The Bitch is Black: (Motown 1975)
* "Let Your Hair Down"
     Brother Ali - "Backstage Pacin'"

Funkadelic: (Westbound 1970)
* "Music for my Mother"
     Brother Ali - "Star Quality"

Gaye, Marvin
single: (Tamla 1972)
* "You're the Man (Part 1)"
     Brother Ali - "Mr. President (You're the Man)"

Joseph, Margie
Margie Joseph: (Atlantic 1973)
* "Touch Your Woman"
     Brother Ali - "Take Me Home"

Kasandra, John
True Genius: (Respect 1972)
* "That Woman"
     Brother Ali - "Prince Charming"

It Ain't Where You Been: (Glades 1977)
* "All the Way Lover"
     Brother Ali - "Letter from the Government"

Originals, The
California Sunset: (Motown 1975)
* "Don't Turn Off the Lights"
     Brother Ali - "When the Beat Comes In"

Pleasure Principle: (Casablanca 1978)
* "Cooking Jar"
     Brother Ali - "Original King"

Pointer Sisters
Pointer Sisters: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "Yes, We Can Can" (Drums)
     Brother Ali - "Voices in My Mind"

Rogers, D.J.
Love, Music & Life: (RCA 1977)
* "You Against You"
     Brother Ali - "Heads Down (You Haven't Done That Yet)"

Simon, Joe
Drowning in the Sea of Love: (Spring 1970)
* "If"
     Prozack Turner ft Brother Ali - "World's an Uproar"

The Soul Finders
Soul Man: (RCA Camden 1968)
* "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good"
     Brother Ali - "Real As Can Be"

True Reflection
Where I'm Coming From: (Atco 1973)
* "Whisper"
     Brother Ali - "Victory! (Come Forward)"

Undisputed Truth
Down to Earth: (Gordy 1974)
* "Love and Happiness"
     Brother Ali - "Looking at Me Sideways"

Section 2. Jazz

Axelrod, David
Songs of Experience: (Capitol 1969)
* "The Human Abstract"
     Brother Ali - "Music in My Head"

James, Bob
Three: (CTI 1976)
* "Storm King" (Intro)
     Brother Ali - "Ali Boombaye"

Singers Unlimited
Baltimore: (Cadet 1978)
* "Baltimore"
     Brother Ali - "Freedom Ain't Free"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

McCartney, Paul (& Wings)
McCartney: (Apple 1970)
* "Momma Miss America" (Drums)
     Brother Ali - "Chippie Bun Club"

Spirit: (Epic 1968)
* "Mechanical World"
     Brother Ali - "Sleepwalker"

Section 4. Blues Samples

Waters, Muddy
Electric Mud: (Cadet Concept 1969)
* "I Just Wanna Make Love to You"
     Brother Ali - "Bitchslap!"

Section 5. Reggae

Osbourne, Johnny
Truth and Rights: (Heartbeat 1980)
* "Truth and Rights"
     Brother Ali - "Truth Is"

Section 8. Soundtracks

Andrews, Michael
single: (? 2001)
* "Just a Thought"
     Brother Ali - "Here"

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