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Section 1. Soul

9th Creation
Falling in Love: (Pye 1975)
* "Bubble Gum"
     Chubb Rock - "The One"

Brown, James
Reality: (Polydor 1975)
* "Funky President"
     Silk X Leather - "The Woman in Me"

Chocolate Milk
We're All in this Together: (RCA 1977)
* "Girl Callin'"
     WC - "The One"

Collins, Lyn
Think (About It): (People 1972)
* "Think (About It)"
     Silk X Leather - "The Woman in Me"

Earth, Wind & Fire
Open Our Eyes: (Columbia 1974)
* "Kalimba Story"
     Tracey Lee - "The Theme"

Ridin' High: (She 1977)
* "Ridin' High"
     C.E.B. - "The Man"

Franklin, Aretha
Spirit in the Dark: (Atlantic 1970)
* "The Thrill Is Gone" (Piano)
     Timbaland ft Nas and Mad Skillz - "To My"

Green, Al
I'm Still in Love with You: (Hi 1972)
* "I'm Glad You're Mine" (Drums)
     Mary J. Blige - "Time"

Hathaway, Donny
Come Back Charleston Blue soundtrack: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Vegetable Wagon"
     Rap City - "Theme"

J. B.'s, The
Food for Thought: (People 1972)
* "The Grunt"
     Chubb Rock - "The One"
* "Gimme Some More"
     Kool Moe Dee - "The Don"

Love Unlimited Orchestra
My Sweet Summer Suite: (20th Century 1976)
* "Strange Games and Things" (Intro)
     Masta Ace ft Stricklin - "The Hitman"

Struttin': (Josie 1970)
* "Chicken Strut"
     DJ Design - "Theme"

Whitney, Marva
It's My Thing: (King 1969)
* "Unwind Yourself"
     Yo, MTV Raps! - "Theme"

Wonder, Stevie
Songs in the Key of Life: (Motown 1976)
* "Pastime Paradise"
     Mary J. Blige - "Time"

Section 2. Jazz

Ammons, Gene
The Black Cat: (Prestige 1971)
* "Jug Eyes"
     Hard 2 Obtain - "Time"

Jackson, Milt (& the Ray Brown Big Band)
Sunflower: (CTI 1972)
* "What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life"
     A-Team - "Who Framed the A-Team?"

Pieces of a Dream
We are One: (Elektra 1980)
* "Mt. Airy Groove" (Drums)
     Tracey Lee - "The Theme"

Section 8. Soundtracks

Agha, Salma
Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki: (EMI 1984)
* "Come Closer"
     Masta Ace & Stricklin - "The Hitman"

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