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Section 1. Soul

5th Dimension
Love's, Lines, Angles, and Rhymes: (Bell 1971)
* "The Rainmaker" (Drums)
     Alchemist ft Gangrene - "Acts of Violence"
     DJ Krush - "89.9 Megamix"
     Kool Keith - "Get off My Elevator"
     Poor Righteous Teachers - "Black Business"
     Public Enemy - "Shut 'em Down"
     Wildchild ft Medaphoar & Percee P - "Knick Knack 2002"

Average White Band
Feel No Fret: (Atlantic 1979)
* "Stop the Rain"
     Detroits Most Wanted - "Backstabber"
     Emmigrands - "La Method"
     Gang Starr - "Gotta Get Over"
     Lena Conquest - "Boundaries"
     Pete Rock - "Play Dis Only at Night"
     Willie D - "My Alibi"

Brown, James
Night Train: (King 1961)
* "Night Train"
     Carlito - "Fame Game"
     Kool Moe Dee - "How Ya Like Me Now?"
     Public Enemy - "Night Train"
     W.I.S.E Guyz - "Do the Eygyptian"
     West Coast Rap All Stars - "We're All in the Same Gang"

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk: (RCA 1976)
* "Runnin' Away"
     Miles Davis - "Blow"

Dramatics, The
Whatcha See is Whatcha Get: (Stax 1971)
* "In the Rain"
     Cella Dwellas - "Recognize and Realize"
     GZA - "Cold World"
     Master P - "No More Tears"
     Notorious BIG - "Somebody's Gotta Die"
     Ripshop - "A Betta Day"
     Special Ed - "Rough 2 the Endin'"
     Threat - "When it Rains"

Earth, Wind & Fire
All N All: (CBS 1977)
* "Runnin'"
     Alphabet Soup - "Sunny Day in Harlem"
     Organized Konfusion - "Walk into the Sun"
     Two Kings in a Cipher - "Kings are People Too!!!"

Maggot Brain: (Westbound 1971)
* "Maggot Brain"
     Esham - "KKKill the Fetus. . ."

One Nation Under a Groove: (Warner Bros 1978)
* "Maggot Brain" (Live)
     RRA - "Think! It Ain't Illegal Yet"

J. B.'s, The
Hustle with Speed: (People 1975)
* "All Aboard the Soul Funky Train"
     Jaz ft Jay-Z - "Pumpin'"

Kendricks, Eddie
People. . . Hold On: (Tamla 1972)
* "A Date in the Rain"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Shadow Dreams"

Main Ingredient
Euphrates River: (RCA 1974)
* "Looks like Rain"
     Tragedy - "Iman Thug"

McCrae, Gwen
Rockin' Chair: (Cat 1975)
* "It Keeps on Raining"
     Akhenaton - "L'Assassin Au Sm"
     Blahzay Blahzay - "Pain I Feel"

Miles, Buddy
Expressway to Your Skull: (Mercury 1968)
* "Train" (Drums)
     Asia Born - "Send 'Em"
     Beastie Boys - "Skills to Pay the Bills"
     Chubb Rock - "Another Statistic"
     Don Cherry - "Apprehension"
     Zhigge - "Whatcha Gonna Do"

Osmium: (Invictus 1970)
* "Come in out of the Rain" (Drums)
     Beastie Boys - "Paul's Revenge"
     Deep Freeze Productions - "Sleeper"
     Jungle Brothers - "I'm in Love with Indica"
     OutKast - "Elevators"
     Xzibit - "Whut U See is Whut U Get"

Peebles, Ann
I Can't Stand the Rain: (Hi 1974)
* "I Can't Stand the Rain"
     Missy Elliott - "Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
     Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - "Memories Live"

Section 2. Jazz

Alpert, Herb
Keep Your Eye on Me: (A&M 1987)
* "Making Love in the Rain"
     Queen Latifah - "Just Another Day"

Blackbyrds: (Fantasy 1974)
* "Runaway"
     Kid 'N Play - "Gittin' Funky"
     Porn Theatre Ushers - "Me & Him"

Burton, Gary (Quartet)
Duster: (RCA 1967)
* "Sweet Rain"
     Akinyele - "Thug Shit"

Carter, Ron
Blues Farm: (CTI 1973)
* "R2, M1"
     Soon E MC - "Some Monsieur Lution"

Chambers, Joe
Double Exposure: (Muse 1977)
* "Mind Rain"
     Nas - "NY State of Mind"

Elgart, Les & Larry
Les & Larry Elgart Au Go Go: (Columbia 1965)
* "G'Won Train"
     Ursula 1000 - "The Shake"

Getz, Stan New Quartet ft Astrud Gilberto
Getz Au Go Go: (Verve ?)
* "Here's that Rainy Day"
     Cella Dwellas - "Worries"

Hancock, Herbie
Sextant: (Columbia 1973)
* "Rain Dance"
     Cut Chemist - "Lesson 4"
     Digable Planets - "It's Good to Be Here"
     DJ Krush - "?"
     Jedi Knights - "Solina"
     Organized Konfusion - "The Extinction Agenda"
     People Under the Stairs - "4 Everybody"

Harris, Gene (& the Three Sounds)
Gene Harris & the Three Sounds: (Blue Note 1971)
* "Put on Train"
     Beastie Boys - "What Comes Around"

Horn, Paul (& Nexus)
Riviera Concert: (RTV 1977)
* "Here's that Rainy Day"
     Gang Starr - "In Memory of. . ."

Hutcherson, Bobby
Natural Illusions: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Rain Every Thursday"
     Jazzanova - "L.O.V.E and You and I"

James, Bob
Two: (CTI 1975)
* "You're as Right as Rain"
     Boogie Down Productions - "Questions and Answers"
     King Sun - "Big Shots"
     Kwest - "Lubrication"

Jones, Quincy
I Heard That!: (A&M 1976)
* "There's a Train Leaving"
     Screwball & CNN - "Take it There"

Lewis, Ramsey
The Piano Player: (Cadet 1972)
* "A Rainy Day in Centerville"
     Real Live - "Crime is Money"

Lorber, Jeff Fusion
Water Sign: (Arista 1979)
* "Rain Dance"
     Erykah Badu - "On and On"
     Lil' Kim - "Crush on You"
     MC Eiht ft Techniec - "Me & My Bitch"
     SWV ft Lil' Caesar - "Love Like This"

Sample, Joe
Rainbow Seeker: (ABC 1978)
* "Rainbow Seeker"
     Jamal-Ski - "Jump, Spread Out"

Upchurch, Philip
Darkness, Darkness: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "Fire & Rain"
     Casual - "Get Off It"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Azzam, Bob
New Sounds: (Columbia 1968)
* "Rain, Rain, Go Away" (Drums)
     Ghostface Killah - "Interlude to Child's Play"

Clash, The
London Calling: (CBS 1979)
* "Train in Vain"
     Garbage - "Stupid Girl"

Dog Soldier
Dog Soldier: (United Artists 1975)
* "Looks Like Rain"
     The Grouch - "Yardwork"

Doobie Brothers
Captain and Me: (Warner Bros 1973)
* "Long Train Runnin'"
     DJ Magic Mike - "?"

Born Ya: (Mercury 1976)
* "Funky Like a Train"
     MC Duke - "I'm Riffin' (English Rasta)"

Touch: (RCA 1983)
* "Here Comes the Rain again"
     RZA - "Tragedy"

Hendrix, Jimi
Electric Ladyland: (Reprise 1968)
* "Rain Day, Dream Away"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Go Ahead in the Rain"

James Gang
Rides Again: (ABC 1970)
* "Ashes, the Rain and I"
     Fatboy Slim - "Right Here, Right Now"

Kravitz, Lenny
Let Love Rule: (Virgin 1989)
* "Freedom Train"
     Bumble BHE - "Something to Give You High Blood Pressure"
     Dionne Farris - "Stop to Think"
     Powerule - "That's the Way it Is"

Monkees, The
The Monkees: (Colgems 1967)
* "Last Train to Clarksville"
     JAMS - "Hey Hey We Are Not the Monkees"

Nilsson, Harry
Harry: (RCA 1969)
* "Rainmaker" (Drums)
     Beatnuts - "Straight Jacket"
     Rhythm Section - "Waiting for the Sun"
     Self Scientific - "Change"

The Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys: (Island 1971)
* "Rainmaker"
     Souls of Mischief - "Anything Could Happen"

Section 4. Blues Samples

Boseman, Bobby
single: (Tangerine 1972)
* "Astrological Soul Train"
     Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Calvin"

Section 9. Easy Listening, Loungecore, Vocal, Traditional Pop

Garland, Judy
Wizard of Oz soundtrack: (? ?)
* "Over the Rainbow"
     ODB - "Goin' Down"

Section 11. Childrens

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House: (Disneyland 1964)
* "Thunder, Lightning, and Rain"
     Jedi Mind Tricks - "Chinese Water Torture"

Section 18. Compilations

Sumner, Geoffrey
A Journey into Stereo Sound: (London ?)
* "Train Sequence" (Vocals: "This is a Journey Into Sound")
     DJ Babu ft Bumrush Bros., Planet Asia and Evidence - "Center of Attention"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Paid in Full"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School ft DJ Shadow - "Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)"
     Ice Cube - "The Product"
     MARRS - "Pump up the Volume"
     Nas - "Illmatic Intro"
     Public Enemy - "Welcome to the Terrordome"

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