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Section 1. Soul

3 Degrees, The
The Three Degrees: (Philadelphia International 1973)
* "Woman Needs a Good Man"
     Lo-Fidelity Allstars - "Vision Incision"

5th Dimension
Stoned Soul Picnic: (Soul City 1968)
* "Good News" (Drums)
     Ice T - "Mic Contract"

Afro Cuban Band
single: (Arista 1979)
* "Something's Got to Give"
     Kid Capri ft Nas - "Soundtrack to the Streets"

Soul Summit: (Arctic 1969)
* "Ain't Got the Love (Of One Girl on My Mind)"
     Basic Vocab - "Our Day In The Sun"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "I Got a Love"

Anderson, Vicki (Barnes, Myra)
single: (King 1971)
* "Super Good" (as Myra Barnes)
     Biz Markie - "Family Tree"

Average White Band
Warmer Communications: (Atlantic 1978)
* "Daddy's All Gone"
     Twista & Freeway - "Show Must Go On"

B. T. Express
Do it Till Your Satisfied: (Scepter/Roadshow 1974)
* "Everything Good to You (Ain't Always Good for You)"
     DMX - "Get at Me Dog"
     EPMD - "Get the Bozack"
     Ma$e - "Would They Die for You"
     Rascalz - "Northern Touch"

Non Stop: (Scepter/Roadshow 1976)
* "You Got it I Want It"
     Audio Two ft MC Lyte - "Start it up Y'all"
     Coolio - "Smokin' Stix"
* "Still Good-Still Like It" (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Description of a Fool"
     EPMD - "Rampage"

Shout: (Roadshow 1978)
* "You Got Something"
     WC & the Maad Circle - "Ghetto Seranade"

B.Y. & the Turnettes
single: (Micron ?)
* "Who Got the Number"
     DJ Shadow - "The Number Song"

Baker, Anita
Giving You the Best That I Got: (Elektra 1988)
* "Good Love"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Faith Evans - "Stressed Out"

Bell, William
Bound to Happen: (Stax 1968)
* "I Forgot to Be Your Lover"
     Brand Nubian - "Lick Dem Muthafuckaz"
     Chino XL - "Sorry"
     Dilated Peoples - "Worse Comes to Worst"
     Jahiem - "Put that Woman First"
     Killah Priest ft Tekitah - "One Step"
     Ludacris - "Growing Pain"

Black Ivory
Baby Won't You Change Your Mind: (Today 1973)
* "It's Time to Say Goodbye"
     Brother Ali - "Love on Display"

Bo, Eddie
single: (Scram 1969)
* "If It's Good to You, It's Good for You (Pts 1 & 2)"
     Deep Brothers - "Soul Talkin'"

Bofill, Angela
Teaser: (Arista 1983)
* "Gotta Make it up to You"
     Faith Evans - "Life Will Pass You By"
     Prodigy - "You Can Never Feel My Pain"

Booker T. & the MG's
Evergreen: (Epic 1974)
* "Flamingo"
     Arrested Development - "?"

Brick: (Bang 1977)
* "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody"
     Kid 'N Play - "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody"

Brides of Funkenstein
Funk or Walk: (Atlantic 1978)
* "Disco to Go"
     Too $hort - "Giving up the Funk"

Brown, James
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag: (King 1965)
* "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"
     JAMS - "Candyman"
     Kool Moe Dee - "How Ya Like Me Now?"
     Kool Moe Dee - "I'm a Player"
     No Face - "Stole My Shit"
     Pharcyde - "I'm That Type of Nigga"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "Swift"

I Got You (I Feel Good): (King 1966)
* "I Got You (I Feel Good)"
     Gang Starr - "Gotch U"
     LeJuan Love - "I Got You (I Feel Good)"
     Public Enemy - "Contract on the World Love Jam"

There it Is: (Polydor 1972)
* "Never Can Say Goodbye"
     DJ Shadow - "In/Flux"
     Massive Attack - "Better Things"

Get on the Good Foot: (Polydor 1972)
* "Get on the Good Foot"
     2 Live Crew - "Break it on Down"
     3XDope - "From Da Giddy Up"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Mister Cee's Master Plan"
     Boogie Down Productions - "Jack of Spades"
     Buckshot LeFonque - "Breakfast at Denny's"
     CEO - "Hit Me with the Beat"
     Classic Two - "New Generation"
     De la Soul - "Freedom of Speak"
     Derek B - "Derek B's Got. . ."
     DJ Magic Mike - "Exile Via Freestyle"
     EPMD - "Jane 3"
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - "Gold"
     Hammer - "Pump it Up"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Deathblow"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Gangsta Boogie"
     Kool Moe Dee - "They Want Money"
     Leaders of the New School - "Shining Star"
     Mr. Lee - "Pump That Body"
     Original Flavor - "Grip Da Mic Tight"
     South Central Cartel - "Neighborhood Jacka"
     Stetsasonic - "The Hip Hop Band"
     Stetsasonic - "To Whom it May Concern"
     Ten Tray - "Raise Your Fist to. . ."
* "I Got Ants in My Pants"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Get Down"
     Black Rock & Ron - "Getting Large"
     Cypress Hill - "How I Could Just Kill a Man"
     Double D & Steinski - "Lesson 2"
     Father MC - "Dance 4 Me"
     Public Enemy - "Don't Believe the Hype"
     Public Enemy - "How to Kill a Radio Consultant"
     Rappinstine - "Scream"

Black Caesar: (Polydor 1973)
* "Make it Good to Yourself"
     CPO - "Somethin' Like Dis"
     Kool G Rap - "Play it Again, Polo"
     Public Enemy - "1 Million Bottlebags"
     Redhead Kingpen - "Scram!"
     Sons of Bazerk - "Part One"
     Ultramagnetic MCs - "You Ain't Real"

Take a Look at Those Cakes: (Polydor 1978)
* "For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes"
     De la Soul - "Afro Connections at a Hi 5 (In the Eyes of a Hoodlum)"

In the Jungle Groove: (Polydor 1986)
* "I Got to Move"
     Cypress Hill - "How I Could Just Kill a Man"
     Double XX Posse - "Headcracker"
     Hard Knocks - "Strictly from the Bronx"
     ShowBiz & A.G. - "Diggin' in the Crates"

Motherlode: (Polygram 1988)
* "You Got to Have a Mother for Me"
     DJ Quik - "Tear it Off"
     LL Cool J - "Why Do They Call it Dope?"
     Schoolly D - "Gangster Boogie"

Brown, Jocelyn
One from the Heart: (WB 1987)
* "Love's Gonna Get You Baby"
     Boogie Down Productions - "Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)"
     Snap - "The Power"

Brown, Mel
Mel Brown's Fifth: (ABC 1971)
* "Good Stuff"
     Pharcyde - "Ya Mama"
     Poor Righteous Teachers - "Speaking Upon a Blackman"

Butler, Jerry
The Soul Goes On: (Mercury 1968)
* "Never Gonna Give You Up"
     Diamond D - "Never"

The Spice of Life: (Mercury 1972)
* "What's So Good About It (You're My Baby)"
     50 Cent - "Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth"

Byrd, Bobby
I Need Help: (King 1970)
* "I Know You Got Soul"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Money Maker"
     CEO - "Hit Me with the Beat"
     Compton's Most Wanted - "The Final Chapter"
     Cool C - "The Glamorous Life"
     CPO - "The Movement"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "You Got It (Donut)"
     Double XX Posse - "Executive Class"
     Dream Warriors - "Face in the Basin"
     Eric B and Rakim - "I Know You Got Soul"
     Everlast - "I Got the Knack"
     Ice Cube - "Jackin' for Beats"
     KMD - "Hard Wit No Hoe"
     Kool G Rap - "It's a Demo"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Rise 'N' Shine"
     Kwame - "Keep on Doin' (What You're Doin' Baby)"
     Martine Girault - "Revival"
     MC Ren - "Kizz My Black A-z"
     Movement Ex - "United Snakes of America"
     Original Flavor - "Give 'em Some Wrek"
     Professor Griff - "Pawns in the Game"
     Public Enemy - "Cold Lampin' with Flavor"
     Public Enemy - "Fight the Power"
     Public Enemy - "Party for Your Right to Fight"
     Rappin is Fundamental - "Whenever You Need an MC"
     Roxanne ft Chubb Rock - "Gear"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "A Salt with Deadly Pepa"
     She Rocker - "Give it a Rest"
     Special Ed - "Come On, Let's Move"
     Ugly Duckling - "Everybody C'mon"
     Wee Papa Girls - "You've Got the Beat"

single: (Brownstone 1972)
* "If You've Got a Love, You Better Hold on to It"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Set 'em Straight"

C J & Co.
Devil's Gun: (Westbound 1977)
* "We Got Our Own Thing"
     Heavy D - "We Got Our Own Thang"

Cardiac Arrest: (Casablanca 1977)
* "Rigor Mortis"
     Brand Nubian - "Brand Nubian"
     DJ Quik - "Get at Me"
     Heavy D - "Big Tyme"
     Ill Al Skratch - "Yo Love"
     Jungle Brothers - "Feelin' Alright"
     Poison Clan - "Fire up the Funk"

Carne, Jean
Happy to Be with You: (Philadelphia International ?)
* "Don't Let it Go to Your Head"
     Brand Nubian - "Don't Let it Go to Your Head"

Charles, Ray
Rock and Roll Forever: (Atlantic 1956)
* "I've Got a Woman"
     Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx - "Gold Digger"

Charmells, The
single: (Stax 1967)
* "As Long as I've Got You"
     Blackstreet - "No Diggity"
     Genius - "I Gotcha Back"
     Mad Flava - "Fools"
     Wu-Tang Clan - "Cream"

Give More Power to the People: (Brunswick 1970)
* "(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People"
     Havoc & Prodeje - "Intro"
     Public Enemy - "What Kind of Power We Got?"

A Letter To Myself: (Brunswick 1973)
* "I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)"
     Talib Kweli - "Guerilla Monsoon Rap"

Risque: (Atlantic 1979)
* "Good Times"
     Beastie Boys - "A.W.O.L."
     Blondie - "Rapture"
     Boogie Down Productions - "13 and Good"
     Chubb Rock - "Just the Two of Us"
     College Boyz - "Underground Blues"
     Dan the Automator - "Music to be Murdered By"
     De la Soul - "A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'"
     Digital Underground - "Doowutchyalike"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "The Reverend"
     DJ Shadow - "Basic Mega-Mix"
     Erick Sermon ft Redman & Keith Murray - "Rapper's Delight"
     Father MC - "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
     Fugees - "Refugees on the Mic"
     Furious Five - "Birthday Party"
     G.P. WU - "Hit Me with That Shit"
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - "Adventures on the Wheels of Steel"
     Just Ice - "Back to the Old School"
     Justin Warfield - "Steppin with. . ."
     LL Cool J - "?"
     Lost Boys - "?"
     Side Cell & Rhapazooty - "Rhapazooty in Blue"
     Spoonie Gee - "Monster Jam"
     Sugarhill Gang - "8th Wonder"
     Sugarhill Gang - "Rapper's Delight"

Clifford, Linda
Here's My Love: (RSO 1979)
* "Never Gonnna Stop"
     Nas - "Street Dreams"
     Tupac - "All Eyez on Me"

Cold Blood
Cold Blood: (San Francisco 1969)
* "You Got Me Hummin"
     Slug - "When it Breaks"

Lydia Pense and Cold Blood: (ABC 1976)
* "It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'"
     Amerie - "Talkin About"

Collins, Lyn
Female Preacher: (People 1973)
* "Mama Feelgood"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Get Down"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Raw"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Raw '91"
     Doctor Ice - "Everybody Get Funky"
     Doctor Ice - "Sue Me"
     Freestyle Fellowship - "5 O'Clock Follies"
     MC Lyte - "Throwin' Words at U"
     Schoolly D - "Mama Feel Good"
     Steady B - "Use Me Again"
     Timbaland & Magoo - "Lov 2 Luv U"
     Ultramagnetic MCs - "Make it Happen"

Conley, Arthur
Soul Directions: (Atco 1968)
* "Love Comes and Goes"
     Ed OG - "Love Comes and Goes"

Cooke, Sam
?: (? ?)
* "A Change is Gonna Come"
     Capone-N-Noreaga ft Carl Thomas - "Intro: A Change is Gonna Come"
     Ghostface Killah - "The Soul Controller"

Counts, The
Funk Pump: (Aware 1974)
* "Since We Said Goodbye"
     Atmosphere - "Like Today"
     Gravediggaz - "Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?"
     Rakim - "Flow Forever"
     Zimbabwe Legit - "Legitimate Mix"

Davis, Tyrone
Can't You Tell It's Me: (Columbia 1979)
* "Really Gonna Miss You"
     DaBrat - "Chi Town"

Be Thankful for What You've Got: (Roxbury 1974)
* "Be Thankful for What You Got"
     Bone Hard Productions ft Big Mello - "Afros and 84s"
     Caveman - "The Dope Department"
     Danny D & DJ Wiz - "Diamond In The Back"
     Intelligent Hoodlum - "Back to Reality"
     King T - "Dippin'"
     Ludacris - "Daiamond in the Back"
     Massive Attack - "Be Thankful. . ."
     Master P - "Mama's Bad Boy"
     NWA - "8 Ball"
     NWA - "Gangsta, Gangsta"
     Shug - "Be Thankful"
     Two Kings in a Cipher - "You Know How to Make Me"
     WC & the Maad Circle - "In a Twist"

Dorsey, Lee
?: (Amy ?)
* "Everything I Do is Gohn Be Funky (From Now On)"
     Compton's Most Wanted - "I Mean Biznez"
     De la Soul - "Eye Patch"
     Lou Donaldson - "Everything I Do is Gohn Be Funky (From Now On)"

Dyke & the Blazers
Greatest Hits: (Original Sound 1969)
* "We Got More Soul"
     Public Enemy - "Anti-Nigger Machine"

Edwards, Dennis
Don't Look Any Further: (Gordy 1984)
* "Let's Go Up"
     AZ - "Fire"

Flowers: (Columbia 1976)
* "You've Got The Right To Know"
     Littles - "We Are"

Fatback (Band, The)
Yum Yum: (Event 1975)
* "Gotta Learn How to Dance"
     Brandy - "?"
     Crucial Conflict - "Hay"
     Everlast - "Death Comes Callin'"
     Groove Armada - "My Friend"
     Kool G Rap - "The Streets of New York"
     Mormon Ghetto Projectz ft X-Caliber - "Done by the Forces of PolitiKKKianz"

Hot Box: (Spring 1980)
* "Gotta Get My Hands on Some (Money)"
     WC - "Cheddar"

Gigolo: (Spring 1981)
* "Gigolo"
     Above the Law - "Mee Vs. My Ego"
     Eazy-E - "Any Last Werdz"

Flack, Roberta
First Take: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye"
     Lil' Kim - "Queen Bitch"
     Mary J. Blige - "I Can Love You"
     Z-Trip - "50,000 Watts"

Four Tops
Keeper of the Castle: (ABC 1972)
* "Ain't No Woman (Like the One I Got)"
     Jay-Z ft Foxxy Brown - "Ain't No Nigga"
     Rappin' 4-Tay - "Ain't No Playa"
     Too $hort - "Ain't No Bitches"

Franklin, Aretha
Spirit in the Dark: (Atlantic 1970)
* "The Thrill Is Gone" (Piano)
     Timbaland ft Nas and Mad Skillz - "To My"

Funk Inc.
Funk Inc: (Prestige 1971)
* "Thrill is Gone"
     Alkaholiks - "21 and Under"

Superfunk: (Prestige 1973)
* "Goodbye, So Long"
     Brand Nubian - "Hold On"
     Lench Mob - "All on My Nut Sac"
     YG - "Ghetto Celeb"

Priced to Sell: (Prestige 1974)
* "God Only Knows"
     Black Sheep - "La Menage"

Funkadelic: (Westbound 1970)
* "I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing"
     BBD - "Ghetto Booty"
     Ice Cube - "Who Got the Camera?"
     PMD - "I'll Wait"
* "Good Ole Music" (Drums)
     Above the Law - "Another Execution"
     Above the Law - "Pimp Clinic"
     Almighty RSO - "Game of Survival"
     Beastie Boys - "Beastie Boys - "Pass the Mic (Pt. 2, Skills to Pay the Bills)"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Death Sentence"
     Biz Markie - "She's Not Just Another Woman (Monique)"
     Black Rock & Ron - "True Feelings"
     College Boyz - "Politics of. . ."
     Common - "Tricks up My Sleeve"
     Compton's Most Wanted - "They Still Gafflin'"
     DJ Shadow - "In/Flux"
     DOC - "DOC & the Doctor"
     Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns - "A Blow for Me, a Toot to You"
     Greg Osby - "Thelonious"
     Ice Cube - "The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit"
     Jaz - "Abnormal"
     Jaz - "It's that Simple"
     Jungle Brothers - "Jimbrowski"
     Massive Attack - "Safe from Harm"
     MC Lyte - "Survival of the Fittest"
     Run-DMC - "Bob Your Head"
     Scarface - "Good Girl Gone Bad"
     Stetsasonic - "Free South Africa"
     The Coup - "Last Blunt"
     Top Authority - "Another Murder"
     Tupac - "Young Black Male"
     Willie D - "Die"
* "I Wanna Know If it's Good to You"
     Beastie Boys - "Pass the Mic (Pt 2, Skills to Pay the Bills)"
     Lord Finesse - "Hands in the Air, Mouth Shut"

Maggot Brain: (Westbound 1971)
* "Maggot Brain"
     Esham - "KKKill the Fetus. . ."

Cosmic Slop: (Westbound 1973)
* "Nappy Dugout"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Ham and Eggs"
     Ant Banks - "Hit It"
     Depeche Mode - "Walking in My Shoes"
     King T ft Ice Cube & Deadly Threat - "Hoe B-4 tha Homie"
     Poison Clan - "Listen"
     Tim Dog - "Goin Wild in the Penile"

Standing on the Verge of Getting it On: (Westbound 1974)
* "Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of Bitch in Him"
     Rays - "I Don't Want to Be Alone"

One Nation Under a Groove: (Warner Bros 1978)
* "Maggot Brain" (Live)
     RRA - "Think! It Ain't Illegal Yet"

Uncle Jam Wants You: (Warner Bros 1979)
* "Holly Wants to Go to California"
     Digital Underground - "Hollywantstaho"

Garner, (Sugar) Billy
?: (? ?)
* "I Got Some"
     Kanye West ft Busta Rhymes - "Love to Hate"

Gaye, Marvin
What's Going On: (Tamla 1971)
* "What's Goin On?"
     3XDope - "Increase the Peace"
     Big Daddy Kane - "W.G.O.N.R.S."
     Divine Styler - "Word Power"
     Geto Boys - "Six Feet Deep"
     Jungle Brothers - "What's Going On?"
     Keith Murray - "What's Happenin'"
     Rondo & Crazy Rak - "Trouble Out"
     Scarface - "A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die"
     Sound Providers - "Get Down"
     Together Brothers - "Too Much Racism"
     Tone Loc - "The Homies"

Live at the London Paladium: (Tamla 1977)
* "Got to Give it Up"
     Aaliyah - "Got to Give it Up"
     Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Mighty Hard Rocker"
     High Performance - "Here's a Party Jam"
     Steady B - "Pay Me Baby"

Green, Al
Green is Blues: (Hi 1972)
* "Gotta Find a New World"
     Ghostface Killah - "Iron Maiden"

Harris, Betty
single: (Sansu Records 1967)
* "I'm Gonna Git Ya" (Drums)
     Fugees - "Fu-Gee-La"
     NaS - "Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)"

Hathaway, Donny
Live: (Atco 1971)
* "What's Going On"
     Grand Puba - "Baby What's Your Name?"

Come Back Charleston Blue soundtrack: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Vegetable Wagon"
     Dr. Dre - "Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat"
     Notorious BIG ft Pudgee & Lord Tariq - "Something BIG"
     Rap City - "Theme"

Hayes, Isaac
Black Moses: (Stax 1973)
* "Going in Circles"
     Ghostface Killah - "Malcolm"
     Portishead - "Wandering Star"
* "Never Gonna Give You Up"
     OC - "Born 2 Live"

Don't Let Go: (Polydor 1979)
* "A Few More Kisses to Go"
     Blackstreet - "Tonites the Night"
     Redman - "Da Bump"
     Redman - "Tonight's da Night"

Holmes, Cecil
Music for Soulful Lovers: (Buddah 1973)
* "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Babe"
     Nas - "No Idea's Original"

Hutch, Willie
The Mack soundtrack: (Motown 1973)
* "Brothers Gonna Work it Out"
     Canibus - "Niggonometry"
     Dr. Dre - "Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat"
     Kausion - "Land of the Skanless"
     LL Cool J - "Farmers Blvd (Our Anthem)"
     Public Enemy - "Whole Lotta Love Goin' on in the Middle of Hell"
     Tupac - "Definition of a Thug Nigga"
     Young Blaze - "Work It Out"

Incredible Bongo Band
Bongo Rock: (Pride 1973)
* "Last Bongo in Belgium"
     Beastie Boys - "Looking Down the Barrell of a Gun"
     Leftfield - "Song of Life"
     Massive Attack - "Angel"
     Renegade Soundwave - "Blastik 1"

Instant Funk
Instant Funk: (Salsoul 1979)
* "I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get it Girl)"
     De la Soul - "A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The Projects (Pjays)"
     Public Enemy - "Welcome to the Terrordome"
     Terminator X ft Whodini - "It All Comes Down to Money"
* "I'll Be Doggone"
     De la Soul - "Let, Let Me In"

Isley Brothers
Live it Up: (T-Neck 1974)
* "Ain't I Been Good to You?"
     Boss - "Recipe of a Hoe"
     Chuck D - "Free Big Willie"
     Don Gyneco - "Pauvre Demoi"
     Jemini the Gifted One - "Funk Soul Sensation"
     Public Enemy - "Shut 'em Down"

Go All the Way: (T-Neck 1980)
* "Don't Say Goodnight"
     Tupac - "My Block"

?: (? ?)
* "Here We Go Again"
     Brand Nubian - "Here We Go"

Jackson 5 / Jacksons, The
Maybe Tomorrow: (Motown 1971)
* "Never Can Say Goodbye"
     50 Cent - "Tia Told Me"

Jackson, Chuck
Hold on We're Coming: (Scepter 1967)
* "Something You Got"
     Beatnuts - "Sandwiches"

Jackson, Michael
Ben: (Motown 1972)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Mobb Deep - "Apostles' Warning"
     Naughty by Nature - "World Go Round"

Got to Be There: (Motown 1972)
* "Got to Be There"
     Master P - "Time 2 Chill"

Jones Girls
The Jones Girls: (Philadelphia International 1979)
* "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else"
     Firm - "You Gonna Make Me Fuck Somebody Else"
     Jay-Z ft Blackstreet - "The City is Mine"

KC & the Sunshine Band
Do You Wanna Go Party: (TK 1979)
* "Do You Wanna Go Party"
     Ice T - "What You Wanna Do"

Kendricks, Eddie
Goin' Up in Smoke: (Tamla 1976)
* "The Newness Is Gone"
     Nas - "Poppa Was A Playa"

Knight, Gladys and the Pips
Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye): (Motown 1973)
* "Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)"
     Angie Stone - "No More Rain (In this Cloud)"

Kool and the Gang
Live at the Sex Machine: (De-Lite 1971)
* "Who's Gonna Take the Weight?"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Oh My God"
     Caveman - "You Can't Take It"
     CEO - "Hit Me with the Beat"
     Cypress Hill - "When the Shit Goes Down"
     Diamond D - "Best Kept Secret"
     Diamond D - "What You Seek"
     DJ Eclipse - "Dedication"
     Gang Starr - "Who's Gonna Take the Weight?"
     Heavy D - "Letter to the Future"
     Jaz - "A Nation Divided"
     Public Enemy - "Louder than a Bomb"
     Stetsasonic - "In Full Gear"

Good Times: (De-Lite 1972)
* "Good Times"
     Cypress Hill - "Feel the Effects"
     Cypress Hill - "Light Another"
     EPC - "Good Times"
     Ice Cube - "The Product"
     Queen Latifah - "Ladies First"

Last Poets
This is Madness: (Metrotone 1971)
* "White Man's Got a God Complex"
     T-Power vs. M.K Ultra - "Horny Mutant Jazz"
     Ten Tray - "God Complex"
* "Black People What Y'all Gon' Do Chant"
     Professor Griff - "Real African People"

It Ain't Where You Been: (Glades 1977)
* "Let Me Go"
     Jay-Z - "A Million and One Questions"

Le Pamplemouse
single: (AVI 1976)
* "Gimme What You Got"
     427 - "Give it to Me"
     Alkaholiks - "Daaam!"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Word to the Mother (Land)"
     Dru Hill - "Somebody's Sleepin' in My Bed"
     Eminem - "Cum on Everybody"
     Geto Boys - "Scarface"
     King Sun - "Time to Go"
     Leaders of the New School - "?"
     Redman - "Pick it Up"
     St Lunatic - "Gimme What You Got"

Lynn, Cheryl
Cheryl Lynn: (CBS 1978)
* "Got to Be Real"
     3rd Bass - "Brooklyn-Queens"
     Black Rock & Ron - "You Can't Do Me None"
     Brother D - "How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise"
     Def Jef - "On the Real Tip"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "Live at Union Square"
     Eric B and Rakim - "I Know You Got Soul"
     Father MC - "Do 4 You"
     Funky 4+1 - "Rappin & Rockin the House"
     Masters at Work - "Jeep Bonus"
     NWA - "Real Niggaz"
     Proyecto Uno - "El Tiburon"
     Stetsasonic - "Do You Remember This?"
     Two Kings in a Cipher - "Movin' on 'Em"
     Whodini - "Now That Whodini's Inside the Joint"

Maceo & All the King's Men
Doing Their Own Thing: (House of Fox 1970)
* "Got to Getcha"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Flow On"
     Caveman - "Caught Up"
     Derek B - "Alright Now"
     LL Cool J - "To Da Break of Dawn"
     Professor Griff - "God Griff on Duty"
     Soul II Soul - "Jazzie's Groove"

Machine: (RCA 1979)
* "There but for the Grace of God Go I"
     Fire Island - "There But for the Grace of God Go I"

Mad Lads
New Beginning: (Volt 1973)
* "Gone! The Promises of Yesterday"
     Canibus - "2nd Round Knockout"
     Cappadonna - "97 Mentality"
* "I Forgot to Be Your Lover"
     AZ - "Let's Toast"
     MOP - "Warriorz"

?: (? ?)
* "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
     Raekwon - "State of Grace"

Is: (Polydor 1972)
* "Lord of the Golden Baboon"
     Black Eyed Peas ft Esthero - "Weekends"
     EPMD - "Rampage"

Just Outside of Town: (Polydor 1973)
* "Mango Meat"
     Abstract Tribe Unique - "The Scandal: Then & Now"
     Jungle Brothers - "Straight out the Jungle"
     Mic Geronimo ft DMX, Fatal, Cormega & Ja - "The Usual Suspects"
     Ministere Amer - "RCA"

Mayfield, Curtis
Curtis: (Curtom 1970)
* "Don't Worry If There's a Hell Below (We're All Gonna Go)"
     Artifacts - "Notty Headed Niggaz"
     BG Knocc Out ft Dresta - "D.P.G/K"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Niggaz Never Learn"
     Bushwick Bill - "Letter from KKK"
     D12 - "That's How"
     Del - "Don't Forget"
     EPMD - "Crossover"
     EPMD - "Hardcore"
     Frankenstein - "All Hands"
     NWA - "Niggaz 4 Life"
     Pete Rock - "Give it to Y'all"
     Redman - "Rollin'"
     Stetsasonic - "Heaven Help the M.F.'s"
     Tupac - "Pac's Theme"
     Tupac & Jadakiss - "N.I.G.G.A."
     Ultramagnetic MCs - "You Ain't Real"

Heartbeat: (Curtom 1979)
* "You're So Good to Me"
     Ill Al Skratch - "I'll Take Her"
     Mary J. Blige - "Be Happy"

Maze, ft Frankie Beverly
Live in New Orleans: (Capitol 1981)
* "Before I Let Go"
     Allure ft Tone & AZ - "Head over Heels"
     CEO - "Hit Me with the Beat"
     Eric B - "I Can't Let You"
     Funky 4 - "Do You Want to Rock (Before I Let Go)"
     K-Solo - "Your Mom's in My Bizness"
     Keith Murray - "The Rhyme"
     Kid 'N Play - "Gittin' Funky"
     Lakim Shabazz - "Getting Fierce"
     Steady B - "Use Me"

McCrae, Gwen
Something So Right: (RCA 1976)
* "I've Got Nothing to Lose but the Blues"
     Royal Flush - "Iced Down Medallions"

Mel & Tim
Good Guys Only Win in the Movies: (Sundazed 1969)
* "Good Guys Only Win in the Movies"
     Cypress Hill - "Insane in the Brain"
     OPM - "El Capitan"

Melvin, Harold & the Blue Notes
Wake up Everybody: (Columbia 1975)
* "You Know How to Make Me Feel So Good"
     Common - "Food"
     Funk Flex & Cormega - "Freestyle"
     Hurricane G - "Mama"
     Poets Of Darkness - "21 In The Ghetto"
     Prodigy - "?"
     Raekwon - "Rainy Days"
     Two Kings in a Cipher - "You Know How to Make Me Feel"
     Wyclef Jean ft Xzibit & Juvenile "25 to Life" - "Wyclef Jean ft Xzibit & Juvenile"

Look-Ka Py Py: (Josie 1970)
* "Rigor Mortis"
     Del - "Same Ol' Thing"
     Jungle Brothers - "I'm Gonna Do You"

?: (? ?)
* "Go for Yourself"
     Boogiemonsters - "Honeydips in Gotham"

Michaels, Lee
Lee Michaels: (AM 1969)
* "Think I'll Go Back"
     Black Moon - "Murder MCs"

Mills, Stephanie
?: (20th Century 1979)
* "What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin'?"
     DMX - "When I'm Nothing"
     Pudgee - "Money Don't Make. . ."

Moments, The
A Moment with the Moments: (Stang 1970)
* "I've Got to Keep on Loving You"
     Jungle Brothers - "My Jimmy Weighs a Ton"

Patty soundtrack: (Stang 1975)
* "It's Gonna Be Such a Beautiful Day"
     Eminem - "Without Me"

?: (? ?)
* "So this is Our Goodbye"
     De la Soul - "Brain-Washed Follower"

Murdock, Shirley
Shirley Murdock: (Elektra 1986)
* "Go On Without You"
     Do or Die - "Paid the Price"

New Birth
Birth Day: (RCA 1972)
* "Got to Get a Knutt"
     De la Soul - "Can U Keep a Secret"
     De la Soul - "This is a Recording"
     MF Doom - "The Hand of Doom"
     Original Concept - "Charlie Sez"
     Public Enemy - "Lost at Birth"
     Schoolly D - "This is It (Ain't Gonna Rain)"

Morning, Noon, & Nite-Liters: (RCA 1971)
* "Tanga Boo Gonk"
     Brand Nubian - "Wake Up"

Survival: (Philadelphia International 1975)
* "Got to Give the People What They Want" (Drums)
     Deee-Lite - "Heart Be Still"
     Devin the Dude - "One Day at a Time"
     EPMD - "Got to Give the People"
     Freestyle Fellowship - "Sunshine Men"
     Gang Starr - "Premier & the Guru"
     Keith Murray - "Sychosymatic"
     Z Rock Crew - "Got to Give the People"

Ohio Players
Climax: (Westbound 1974)
* "What's Goin' On"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Lots of Lovin'"

Mr. Mean: (Mercury 1977)
* "Good Luck Charm"
     DJ Honda ft Mos Def - "Travellin' Man"
     Nas - "Last Words"

Olympic Runners
Out in Front: (London 1975)
* "Go No Further"
     Ugly Duckling - "Now Who's Laughing?"

P-Funk All Stars
Urban Dancefloor Guerillas: (CBS 1983)
* "Go Fer Yer Funk"
     Ant Banks - "Clownin Wit Da Crew"

Up for the Down Stroke: (Casablanca 1974)
* "All Your Goodies are Gone"
     Black Milk - "Applause"
     Boss - "Born Gangsta"
     Buckshot - "Follow Me"
     Buckshot - "No Joke"
     Poison Clan - "Afraid of the Flavor"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "Everybody Get Up"
     Supreme Clientele - "Skit"

Trombipulation: (Casablanca 1980)
* "Agony of Defeet"
     Ice Cube - "How to Survive in South Central"
     Low Profile - "Funky Song"
     Snoop Dogg - "Buss'n Rocks"
     Too $hort - "Step Daddy"
     WC & the Maad Circle - "The Break Up"

Payne, Frieda
Reaching Out: (Invictus 1973)
* "We've Gotta Find a Way Back to Love"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Ham and Eggs"

Peebles, Ann
I Can't Stand the Rain: (Hi 1974)
* "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down"
     Sunz of Man - "The Plan"

If this is Heaven: (Hi 1978)
* "Good Day for Lovin'"
     Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson - "What's it Gonna Be"

Pendergrass, Teddy
Teddy: (Philidelphia 1979)
* "Come Go with Me"
     Avant - "Read Your Mind - (Part II Remix)"
     Children of the Corn - "A Star is Born"
     IFA - "Rollin'"
     Mad Lion - "Double Trouble"
     Shaggy ft Grand Puba - "Why You Treat Me So Bad"

Persuaders, The
Thin Love Between Love & Hate: (Win or Lose 1972)
* "Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)"
     50 Cent - "Redrum (Murder)"

Pickett, Wilson
The Exciting Wilson Pickett: (Atlantic 1966)
* "Something You Got"
     Brand Nubian - "Ain't No Mystery"

Players Association
Players Association: (Vanguard 1978)
* "Love Hangover"
     High & Mighty - "Hands on Experience"
     Twista - "Badonkadonk"

Get to the Feeling: (Fantasy 1978)
* "Celebrate the Good Things"
     Soul II Soul - "Jazzie's Groove"

Pointer Sisters
Steppin': (Blue Thumb 1975)
* "How Long (Betcha' Got a Chick on the Side)"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "Chick on the Side"

Car Wash soundtrack: (MCA 1976)
* "You Gotta Believe"
     Ice Cube - "Really Doe"

Positive Force
single: (Sugarhill 1979)
* "We Got the Funk"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em"
     Jamiroquai - "Little L"
     Michie Mee - "Jamaican Funk"

Prince: (Warner Bros 1979)
* "It's Gonna Be Lonely"
     Kanye West - "Big Brother"

Purple Rain: (Warner Bros 1984)
* "Let's Go Crazy"
     Black by Demand - "Dearly Beloved"
     Eazy-E - "Eazy-Duz-It"
     Public Enemy - "Brothers Gonna Work it Out"
     Underworld - "The Afterworld"

Quartermain, Sir Joe & Free Soul
Sir Joe Quartermain and Free Soul: (GSF 1973)
* "(I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind"
     3rd Bass - "Oval Office"
     Kings of Pressure - "Give Me the Mike"
     Shinehead - "Trouble"
     Stezo - "Put Your Body into It"
     UTFO - "Wanna Rock"

single: (Mercury ?)
* "I'm Gonna Get You"
     3rd Bass - "Oval Office"
     Stop the Violence Movement - "Self-Destruction"

Redding, Otis
Otis Blue: (Atco 1966)
* "Change is Gonna Come"
     Ghostface Killah - "Fish"
     Guru - "Looking through Darkness"

Rene & Angela
Street Called Desire: (Mercury 1985)
* "I'll Be Good"
     Foxxy Brown ft Jay-Z - "I'll Be"

Riperton, Minnie
Love Lives Forever: (Capitol 1980)
* "Here We Go"
     AZ - "Gimme Yours"
     Lord Finesse - "Hip 2 Da Game"
     Phife - "Committed"

single: (Salsoul 1977)
* "The Beat Goes on and On"
     Black Rock & Ron - "Black, Rock and Ron"

Robinson, Smokey (& the Miracles)
A Pocket Full of Miracles: (Tamla 1970)
* "Who's Gonna Take the Blame?"
     Capone-N-Noreaga - "Live On, Live Long"

Rose Royce
Car Wash: (RCA 1976)
* "I'm Going Down"
     Cam'Ron ft Juelz Santana - "Oh Boy"
     Insane Poetry - "Till Death Do Us Part"
     Mary J. Blige - "I'm Goin' Down"

Ross, Diana
Mahogany soundtrack: (Motown 1975)
* "Do You Know Where You're Going To?"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Lyrical Gymnastics"

Diana Ross: (Motown 1976)
* "Love Hangover"
     Akinyele ft Sadat X - "Loud Hangover"
     Digital Underground - "Freaks of the Industry"
     Don Jagwarr - "The Cure"
     Geto Boys - "The Other Level"
     Heavy D - "The Lover's Got What U Need"
     High and Mighty - "Hands on Experience Part 2"
     Janet Jackson - "My Need"
     MC Solaar - "Paradisiaque"
     Monica - "The First Night"
     Sadat X ft Akinyele - "Loud Hangover"

Rags to Rufus: (ABC 1974)
* "You Got the Love"
     Tone Loc - "On Fire"

Rushen, Patrice
single: (Elektra 1980)
* "Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)"
     Ice Cube ft DMX - "Clubbin'"

S.O.S. Band
On the Rise: (Tabu 1983)
* "Just Be Good to Me"
     Beats International - "Dub Be Good to Me"
     Shaq - "Just Be Good to Me"
     Silkk the Shocker - "Just Be Straight with Me"
     Tupac ft Richie Rich - "Heavy in the Game"

Just the Way You Like It: (Tabu 1984)
* "No One's Gonna Love You"
     Conscious Daughters - "Funky Expedition"
     Foxxy Brown - "No One's"
     Maxwell - "Ascension"
     Spice 1 - "Welcome to the Ghetto"

Salsoul Orchestra
The Salsoul Orchestra: (Salsoul 1975)
* "Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh I Love It)"
     Bentley Rhythm Ace - "Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out"

Scott, Freddie
?: (? ?)
* "(You) Got What I Need"
     Alkaholiks - "Mary Jane"
     Biz Markie - "Just a Friend"

Scott-Heron, Gil & Jackson, Brian
Winter in America: (Strata East 1974)
* "Peace Go with You Brother"
     Lords of the Underground - "Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time"
     Milkbone - "Keep it Real"

Siffre, Labi
Remember my Song: (EMI UK 1975)
* "I Got The"
     Beatnuts - "Beatnuts Forever"
     Def Squad ft Jamal - "Countdown"
     Eminem - "My Name Is"
     Fabe - "L'Impertinent"
     Foxxy Brown - "Hot Spot"
     Frankenstein - "Quiet Storm"
     Insane Clown Posse ft Twiztid - "Slim Anus"
     Jay-Z - "Street is Watching"
     MC Jean Gab 1 - "J'T Emmerde"
     Mooven's - "C'est Une Question D'Etat"
     Noreaga - "N.O.R.E."
     Tiger Ranks - "Party wit' Me"
     Wu-Tang Clan - "Can it All Be So Simple"

Sly & the Family Stone (Stone, Sly)
Dance to the Music: (Epic 1968)
* "I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)"
     Stereo MCs - "Ain't Got Nobody"

Stylistics, The
The Stylistics: (Avco 1971)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     AZ - "Sugarhill"
     EPMD - "Get the Bozack"
     EPMD - "It Wasn't Me, It was the Fame"
     Heather B - "All Glocks Down"
     Poetess - "Simply Poetry"
     Poison Clan - "Fugitive"
     Rondo & Crazy Rak - "Bacon & Grits"
     Roni Size - "Ballet Dance"
     Westside Connection - "Gangsters Make the World Go Round"

Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland: (Motown 1967)
* "You're Gone But Always in My Heart"
     50 Cent ft MOP - "When Death Becomes You"

Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta: (Motown 1974)
* "I'm Goin' Left"
     Masta Ace - "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize"

Sky's the Limit: (Motown 1971)
* "Gonna Keep Tryin' Till I Win Your Love"
     Gang Starr - "Right Where You Stand"

Tex, Joe
I Gotcha: (Mercury 1972)
* "I Gotcha"
     Canibus ft DMP - "I Gotcha"
     College Boyz - "Humpin'"
     Def Jef - "Give it Here"
     Foreign Legion - "Overnight Success"
     Ice Cube - "U Ain't Gonna Take My Life"
     King T - "Act a Fool"
     King T - "Payback's a Mutha"
     Mestro Fresh Wes - "The Mic's My Piece"
     Salt-N-Pepa - "I Gotcha"
     Steady B - "I Got Cha"

Bumps and Bruises: (? 1977)
* "I Almost Got to Heaven Once"
     Ice Cube - "I Wanna Kill Sam"

The Barrino Brothers
Livin' High Off the Goodness of Your Love: (Invictus 1973)
* "I Can't Believe You're Gone"
     50 Cent - "Crime Wave"

The Soul Finders
Soul Man: (RCA Camden 1968)
* "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good"
     Brother Ali - "Real As Can Be"

Thomas, Rufus
?: (? ?)
* "Sister's Got a Boyfriend"
     Biz Markie - "Hooker Got a Boyfriend"

Time, The
?: (Warner Bros 1982)
* "Gigolos Get Lonely Too"
     Above the Law - "Kalifornia"
     K-Dee - "Gigalos Get Lonely Too"
     Snoop Dogg - "D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2"

Trouble Funk
?: (? ?)
* "Good to Go"
     Beastie Boys - "A.W.O.L."
     Beastie Boys - "Shadrach"

Turner, Tina
Private Dancer: (EMI 1984)
* "What's Love Got Do With It"
     Warren G ft Adina Howard - "What's Love Got Do With It"
     Wyclef Jean - "What's Clef"

Van Peebles, Melvin
Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death: (A&M ?)
* "Heh Heh (Chuckle) Good Morning Sunshine"
     Quasimoto - "Good Morning Sunshine"
* "I Got the Blood"
     Blackalicious - "Attica Black"
* "You Gotta Be Holding Out Five Dollars On Me"
     Quasimoto - "Good Morning Sunshine"

Vandross, Luther
?: (? ?)
* "Before I Let Go"
     Steady B - "Use Me"

Warwick, Dee Dee
?: (? ?)
* "Everybody's Gotta Believe in Somebody"
     Method Man - "Elements"

Watson, Wah Wah
Elementary: (Columbia 1976)
* "Goo Goo Wah Wah"
     Def Squad - "Say Word"
     Gang Starr - "I'm the Man"

Introducing the Whatnaughts: (Stang 1970)
* "Please Make the Love Go Away"
     Mathematics - "Juscan'tluv"

Whispers, The
The Whispers: (SOLAR 1979)
* "And the Beat Goes On"
     Chubb Rock - "My Brother"
     Mr. Malik - "Malik Goes On"
     P King - "The Beat Goes On"
     Will Smith - "Miami"

White, Barry
I've Got So Much to Give: (Casablanca 1973)
* "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Babe" (Drums)
     Beavis & Butthead - "Come to Butthead"
     Big Daddy Kane - "Brother, Brother"
     Boss - "Deeper"
     Coco Lee - "So Crazy"
     College Boyz - "Politics of. . ."
     Compton's Most Wanted - "Wanted"
     Daft Punk - "Da Funk"
     De la Soul - "De La Orgy"
     Deadly Duce - "Creepin through the Fog"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Move the Crowd"
     Eric B and Rakim - "The Rhyme Goes On"
     Everlast - "Goodbye"
     Freddie Foxx - "I'm Ready"
     Ghostface Killah - "The Watch"
     Grandmaster Melle Mel ft Van Silk - "What's the Matter with Your World?"
     Gus Gus - "Barry"
     K-Solo - "Drums of Death"
     Kwame - "It's the Man We All Know and Love"
     Lil' Wayne - "Neck of the Woods"
     LL Cool J - "Farmers Blvd (Our Anthem)"
     MC Lyte - "TRG (The Rap Game)"
     MC Shan - "Ain't We Funkin'"
     Nas - "One Mic"
     NWA - "One Less Bitch"
     NWA - "She Swallowed It"
     Prince Johnny C - "Searching for. . ."
     Queen Mother Rage - "To Be Real"
     Rodney O - "DJs and MCs"
     Rondo & Crazy Rak - "Low Down & Dirty"
     Schoolly D - "Just Another Killer"
     South Central Cartel - "County Bluz"
     Tone Loc - "Cutting Rhythms"
     Too $hort - "In the Trunk"

Stone Gon: (Casablanca 1974)
* "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up"
     Ant Banks - "Livin the Life"
     Ill Al Skratch - "Where My Homiez?"

Whitney, Marva
It's My Thing: (King 1969)
* "Things Got to Get Better"
     Fu-Schnickens - "Props"
     Zhigge - "No Time to Fess"

Wild Magnolias, The
The Wild Magnolias: (Barclay 1974)
* "(Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul"
     Jungle Brothers - "Straight out the Jungle"
     Schoolly D - "Saturday Night"

Wilde, Eugene
Eugene Wilde: (Philly World 1984)
* "Gotta Get You Home Tonight"
     Foxxy Brown ft Blackstreet - "Get Me Home"
     Play-N-Skillz ft Akon - "Come Home"

Williams, Esther
Let Me Show You: (Friends & Co. 1976)
* "It Feels Real Good"
     Bulldog Breaks - "Feels Real Good"

Womack, Bobby
Understanding: (United Artists 1972)
* "Womans Gotta Have It"
     50 Cent - "What If?"
     Lloyd Banks - "Anotha Dolla"

Wonder, Stevie
Talking Book: (Tamla 1972)
* "You've Got it Bad Girl"
     Aboriginals - "Chemistry"

Songs in the Key of Life: (Motown 1976)
* "Have a Talk with God"
     Twiztid - "She Ain't Afraid"

Wright, Charles & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Rhythm and Poetry: (Warner Bros 1972)
* "Good Things"
     Aceyalone - "The Energy"

Wright, Edna
Oops Here I Go Again: (RCA 1976)
* "Oops Here I Go Again"
     De la Soul - "Pass the Plugs"

Section 2. Jazz

Adderley, Cannonball (Quintet)
The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free: (Capitol 1971)
* "Soul Virgo"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Bonita Applebaum"

Ayers, Roy (Ubiquity)
He's Coming: (Polydor 1972)
* "Ain't got Time"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Carmel City"
     ShowBiz & A.G. - "Hard to Kill"

Feelin' Good: (Polydor 1982)
* "Feeling Good"
     Puff Daddy ft Ma$e - "Been Around the World"

Bama - the Village Poet
Ghettos of the Mind: (Chess 1972)
* "I Got Soul"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Searchin'"

Cornbread, Earl & Me soundtrack: (Fantasy 1976)
* "Wilford's Gone"
     Compton's Most Wanted - "Def Wish"
     Gang Starr - "Say Your Prayers"
     Hard 2 Obtain - "LI Groove"
     RBX - "Sounds of Reality"
     The Roots - "Silent Treatment"

Brown, Ray Orchestra
The Adventures: (? 1970)
* "Go Down Dying"
     Björk - "Human Behaviour"

Burton, Gary (Quartet)
Good Vibes: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Las Vegas Tango"
     Big Punisher ft Prodigy & Deck's Inspektah Deck - "Tres Leches"
     Bootcamp Clique - "Headz Ain't Ready"
     Common - "Resurrection Interlude"
     Cypress Hill - "Illusions"
     Mobb Deep - "Can't Get Enough of It"
     Organized Konfusion - "Stress"

Byrd, Donald
Blackbyrd: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Where are We Going?"
     3XDope - "Peace Yourself"

Southern Comfort: (Blue Thumb 1974)
* "Well's Gone Dry"
     Beastie Boys - "Dropping Names"
     Blackalicious - "Release"
     Chemical Brothers - "Block Rockin' Beats"
     Mellow Man Ace - "Funky in the joint"

Images: (ABC 1978)
* "Merry-Go-Round"
     Organized Konfusion - "Walk into the Sun"
     Rampage - "Conquer the World"

Daly-Wilson Big Band
?: (? ?)
* "My Goodness"
     DJ Shadow - "Scatter Brain"

Davis, Steve
Music: (RCA 1970)
* "It's All Because She's Gone"
     Gang Starr - "Planet"

Donaldson, Lou
Everything I Play is Gohn Be Funky: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Everything I Play is Gohn Be Funky"
     Kurious - "Jorge of the Projects"
     US3 - "Cantaloop"

Farrell, Joe
Moon Germs: (CTI 1973)
* "Great Gorge"
     Kool Keith - "Little Girls"
     Oddjobs - "Reconciliation"
     Sage Francis - "The Strange Famous Mullet Remover"

Goin' Through Changes: (? ?)
* "Goin' Through Changes"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Busta's Lament"

Gardner, Billy
?: (? ?)
* "I Got Some"
     Gang Starr - "B.Y.S."

Garnett, Carlos
Journey to Enlightenment: (Muse 1974)
* "Let Us Go To (Higher Heights)"
     Jungle Brothers - "Good Lookin Out"

Grusin, Dave
3 Days Of The Condor soundtrack: (? 1976)
* "I've Got You Where I Want You (Condor Theme)"
     Amerie - "Why Don't We Fall in Love"

Hammond, John (Smith, John Robert)
Breakout: (Kudu 1971)
* "Never Can Say Goodbye"
     B.U.M.S. - "Take a Look Around"

Harris, Eddie
The Soul of Eddie Harris: (Up Front 1961)
* "Gone Home"
     Gravediggaz - "Freak the Sorceress"

Hawes, Hampton
Northern Windows: (Prestige 1974)
* "Go Down Moses"
     Lootpack - "Weeded"

Survival of the Fittest: (Arista 1975)
* "God Made Me Funky" (Drums)
     Alex Cortiz - "Room 505"
     Biz Markie - "Albee Square Mall"
     Common - "Pitchin' Pennies"
     De la Soul - "Pease Porridge"
     De la Soul - "Take it Off"
     Digital Underground - "Underwater Rimes"
     Downtown Science - "Down to a Science"
     Dragonfly - "Angeldust"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Beats for the Listeners"
     Eric B and Rakim - "To the Listeners"
     Fugees - "Ready or Not"
     Jungle Brothers - "Braggin' and Boastin'"
     King Sun - "On the Club Tip"
     Low Profile - "No Mercy"
     Marky Mark - "Wildside"
     Mission - "Last Night"
     NWA - "Approach to Danger"
     Quiet Boys - "Never Change"
     R.P.M. - "Food for the De-Rhythm"
     Slum Village - "Go Ladies"
     Slum Village - "Intro"
     Steady B - "Bring the Beat Back"
     Sway & King Tech - "?"
     Tony D - "Check the Elevation"
     UNKLE - "If You Find the Earth Boring"
     UNKLE - "Sassafras"
     X-Ecutioners - "The Countdown"
* "If You've Got It, You'll Get It"
     Boogie Down Productions - "Ruff Ruff"
     Donald D - "Another Night in the Bronx"
     Professor Griff - "Jail Sale"
     Think Tanks - "A Knife and a Fork"

Higgins, Monk & the Specialites
Sheba Baby soundtrack: (Buddah 1975)
* "A Good Man is Gone"
     Gang Starr - "Next Time"

Holiday, Billie
?: (? 1941)
* "God Bless the Child"
     Alex Gopher - "The Child"

Holmes, Richard "Groove"
New Groove: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "You've Got it Bad"
     Shyheim - "Pass it Off"

Hubbard, Freddie
A Soul Experiment: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Good Humor Man"
     UMC - "One to Grow On"

Polar AC: (CTI 1975)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Blackalicious - "Swan Lake"
     Justin Warfield - "?"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Mecca and the Soul Brother"

Hutcherson, Bobby
San Francsico: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Goin' Down South"
     US3 - "Lazy Day"

Jackson, Milt (& the Ray Brown Big Band)
Sunflower: (CTI 1972)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Blackalicious - "Swan Lake"
     De la Soul - "Patti Dooke"
     Heather B - "All Glocks Down"
     Onyx - "Danexniguz"
     Problemz - "Kill the Noise"

James, Bob
Two: (CTI 1975)
* "The Golden Apple"
     Group Home - "Baby Pa"

Jazz Crusaders, The
Lighthouse '69: (Pacific Jazz 1969)
* "Ruby P'Gonia"
     Da King & I - "Flip Da Scrip"

Jones, Quincy
Music from the Adventurers: (Symbolic ?)
* "Go Down Dying"
     Bjork - "Human Behavior"
* "Coming & Going"
     Extra Prolific - "Is it Right"

Kenyatta, Robin
Girl from Martinique: (ECM 1973)
* "Last Tango in Paris"
     Hieroglyphics - "All Things"

Koffman, Moe
Museum Pieces: (Janus 1977)
* "Days Gone By Egyptology"
     Jill Scott - "Slowly Surely"

L.A. Boppers
L.A. Boppers: (Mercury 1980)
* "You Did it Good"
     DITC - "All Love"

Lamond, Don & His Orchestra
Off Beat: (Command 1962)
* "It Don't Mean a Thing If it Ain't Got That Swing"
     Beatnuts ft Tony Touch - "Cocotaso"

Laws, Hubert
The Chicago Theme: (CTI 1975)
* "Going Home"
     MOP - "Dedication"

Laws, Ronnie
Pressure Sensitive: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Tell Me Something Good"
     Beastie Boys - "Shake Your Rump"

Levy, O'Donel
Dawn of a New Day: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Blackalicious - "Swan Lake"

Lewis, Ramsey
Upendo Ni Pamoja: (CBS 1972)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Sage Francis, Sole, and Adeem - "I'm Afraid"

Sun Goddess: (CBS 1974)
* "Sun Goddess"
     Detroits Most Wanted - "All about Ya Yo"
     E-40 - "Hope I Don't Go Back"
     Mos Def - "Mr. Nigga"
     Mr. Complex - "Visualize"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Escapism"

Los Admiradores
Bongos, Flutes, Guitars: (Command 1960)
* "Golden Earings"
     45 King - "98 Degrees (Beats of the Month, January)"

McCann, Les
Invitation to Openness: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Poo Pye McGoochie (and his Friends)"
     Alias - "Jovial Costume"
     DJ Krush - "Escapee"
     Sixtoo - "Disclaimer"

Talk to the People: (Atlantic 1972)
* "What's Going On"
     Kool G Rap - "Erase Racism"
     YZ - "Second to Nobody"

Live at Montreux: (Atlantic 1972)
* "What's Going On" (Live)
     Pharcyde - "Bullshit"

Another Beginning: (Atlantic 1974)
* "Go on and Cry"
     Cella Dwellas - "Good Dwellas"
     Dream Warriors - "California Dreaming"
     Funkmaster Flex ft Erick Sermon - "Freestyle"
     Lords of the Underground - "No Pain"
     Warren G - "Runnin' wit' No Breaks"

McGriff, Jimmy & Parker, Junior
Dudes Doin' Business: (Capitol 1969)
* "It Aint Whatcha Got"
     Ice Cube - "Look Who's Burnin'"
     Ice Cube - "Who Got the Camera?"

Mitchell, Blue
Heads Up!: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Good Humour Man"
     ADOR - "Let it All Hang Out"
     UMC - "One to Grow On"
     UMC - "Swing into the Area"

Modern Jazz Quartet
Pyramid: (Atlantic 1959)
* "Django"
     Fugees - "Ready or Not"
     Jeru - "Can't Stop the Prophet"

Three Windows: (Atlantic 1987)
* "Django" (ft The New York Chamber Symphony)
     High & Mighty - "The Meaning"

Morris, Ramon
Sweet Sister Funk: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "People Make the World Go Around"
     Blackalicious - "Swan Lake"

Paul, Billy
War of the Gods: (Philadelphia International 1973)
* "War of the Gods"
     DJ Shadow - "What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt 2"

The Best Of: (Legacy Records 1979)
* "What are We Going to Do Now that He's Back"
     Buckshot - "He's Back"

Phillips, Sonny
My Black Flower: (Muse 1977)
* "Goin' Home"
     Pete Rock - "It's about That Time"

Rich, Buddy
Big Swing Face: (? ?)
* "The Beat Goes On"
     The All Seeing I - "?"

Simone, Nina
I Put A Sell On You: (Phillips 1965)
* "Feeling Good"
     50 Cent - "Bad News"

Smith, Jimmy
Black Smith: (Pride 1973)
* "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Babe"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Push it Along"
     Beastie Boys - "Professor Booty"
     Kool G Rap - "Edge of Sanity"

Smith, Lonnie Liston
Visions of a New World: (Flying Dutchman 1975)
* "Devika (Goddess)"
     Digable Planets - "Pacifics"

Tjader, Cal
Hip Vibrations: (Verve 1967)
* "Django"
     Davina ft Raekwon - "So Good"
     Guru - "Lifesaver"
     Israel and Jin - "Comin' To Get Ya"
     Thirstin Howl III - "John They're Stealing pt. II"

Turrentine, Stanley
The Man with the Sad Face: (Fantasy 1976)
* "Love Hangover"
     Peanut Butter Wolf - "Elastic"

Upchurch, Philip
Upchurch/Tennyson: (Kudu 1975)
* "Black Gold"
     Masta Ace - "Soda and Soap"

Walker, David
?: (Ode ?)
* "Never Can Say Goodbye"
     DJ Shadow - "In/Flux"

Washington, Grover, Jr.
Feels So Good: (Kudu 1975)
* "Feels So Good"
     Coolio - "Sticky Fingaz"
     Guru - "Slicker than Most"

Weather Report
Mysterious Traveller: (Columbia 1974)
* "American Tango" (Drums)
     Beyond - "The Otherwise"
     Brand Nubian - "Black and Blue"
     Deep Puddle Dynamics - "Where the Wild Things Are"
     Diamond D - "KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)"
     Musab - "Blackthorn Rose"
     Musab - "Love Beat"
     OC - "Can't Go Wrong"
     Sole - "Dear Elpee"

White's, Micheal Magic Music Company
Go with the Flow: (ABC 1974)
* "Go with the Flow"
     Common - "Can I Borrow a Dollar"

Williams, Charles
Stickball: (Mainstream 1972)
* "People Make the World Go 'Round"
     Blackalicious - "Swan Lake"

Wilson, Reuben
Got to Get the Own: (Cadet 1975)
* "Got to Get the Own"
     MC Duke - "Gotta Get Your Own"

Yokokura, Yutaka
Love Light: (Alfa 1978)
* "Dragonfly"
     Ali Vegas - "Brothers Respect Mine"
     Move.Meant - "Audiovisuals"
     Mr. Voodoo - "Poverty Pimpin'"
     Shawn Jackson - "Fix Ya Face"

Young-Holt Unlimited (Trio)
Plays Superfly: (Paula 1973)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Compton's Most Wanted - "Raised in Compton"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Ars Nova
Sunshine & Shadows: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Please Don't Go Now"
     Sole - "Year of the Sex Symbol"

Azzam, Bob
New Sounds: (Columbia 1968)
* "Rain, Rain, Go Away" (Drums)
     Ghostface Killah - "Interlude to Child's Play"

Beach Boys
Smiley Smile: (Capitol 1967)
* "Good Vibrations"
     Eternia - "Evidence"

Berry, Chuck
?: (Chess 1958)
* "Johnny B. Goode"
     LL Cool J - "Go Cut Creator Go"

Blaire, John
Southern Love: (Columbia 1976)
* "J'L's EGO"
     Blackalicious - "Rock the Spot"

Blue Oyster Cult
Spectres: (CBS 1977)
* "Godzilla"
     3rd Bass - "Problem Child"
     Sudden Death - "Godzilla"

Bodacious D.F.
Bodacious D.F.: (RCA 1973)
* "Good Folks"
     Sage Francis - "Come Follow Me"
     So-Called Artists - "Sideshow"
     Themselves - "My Way out of a Paper Bag"

Clash, The
Combat Rock: (Epic 1982)
* "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"
     Ice Cube & Mack 10 - "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

Consumer Rapport
single: (Wing and a Prayer 1975)
* "Go On with Your Bad Self"
     Eastern Conference - "All in Toghether"

Conti, Bill
Rocky - Original Score: (EMI 1988)
* "Going the Distance"
     Almighty RSO - "Hellbound"
     Brand Nubian - "Punks Jump up to Get Beat Down"
     EPMD - "Intro"
     Puff Daddy ft Busta Rhymes and Notorious BIG - "Victory"

Drennon, Eddie
Collage: (Friends & Co. 1975)
* "Do What You Gotta Do"
     Biz Markie - "Cool V's Tribute to Scratching"
     Jazzy Jay - "Do What You Gotta Do"
     Real Live - "Money and Shows"

Elephant's Memory
Take it to the Streets: (Metromedia ?)
* "Mongoose"
     Aceyalone - "The Greatest Show on Earth"
     Cypress Hill - "Latin Lingo"
     Main Source - "Just a Friendly Game of Baseball"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "It's Like That"

?: (? ?)
* "Feel Good"
     Beastie Boys - "3-Minute Rule"
     Eric B and Rakim - "As the Rhyme Goes On (Pumpin' the Turbo)"
     Eric B and Rakim - "Move the Crowd"
     LL Cool J - "L.L. Bonus Beat"
     Maestro Fresh Wes - "Let Your Backbone Slide"
     NWA - "Fuck tha Police"

Flaming Ember
Sunshine: (Hot Wax 1971)
* "Gotta Get Away"
     Diamond D - "I'm Outta Here"

Fleetwood Mac
Rumors: (Reprise 1977)
* "Gold Dust Woman"
     Hole - "Gold Dust Woman"

Gainsbourg, Serge
Histoire de Melody Nelson: (Philips 1971)
* "Cargo Culte"
     Massive Attack - "Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)"

Hall & Oates
Private Eyes: (RCA 1981)
* "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)"
     Above the Law - "V.S.O.P."
     De la Soul - "Say No Go"
     Heavy D - "?"
     Mick Hucknall - "Sunrise"
     Mobb Deep ft Chuck D, Sunz of Man, RZA - "Where Ya At?"
     Trigga the Gambler - "My Crew Can't Go for That"

Hendrix, Jimi & Knight, Curtis
Second Time Around: (Astan ?)
* "Got to Have It"
     Beastie Boys - "Jimmy James"
     Black Sheep - "Try Counting Sheep"
     Edan - "Migraine"

Dumb Waiters: (? 1980)
* "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"
     Jay-Z - "Big Pimpin'"
     Marc et Claude - "I Need Your Lovin"

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
     Abstract Tribe Unique - "Act One: Pre-Meditation"

Out Here: (Blue Thumb 1969)
* "Doggone" (Drums)
     Cibo Matto - "Sugar Water"
     DJ Krush - "3rd Eye"
     DJ Krush ft CL Smooth - "Only the Strong Survive"
     DJ Shadow - "DJ Shadow's Theme"
     Dr. Octagon - "Technical Difficulties"
     Greyboy - "Parkside Bounce"
     Hurricane - "Pass me the Gun"
     New Kingdom - "Return of the Black Falcon"
     Puff Daddy ft Cee-lO and Nas - "Everything I Love"
     Sixtoo - "Camino"
     Talib Kweli - "Get By"
     The Verve - "Bittersweet Symphony"

Manzarek, Ray
Golden Scarab: (PolyGram 1975)
* "Golden Scarab"
     Jurassic 5 - "Acetate Prophets"

Mouth & Macneal
?: (Philips 1971)
* "It Happened Long Ago"
     Sole - "I Don't Rap in Bumperstickers"

Nash, Graham
Songs for Beginners: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Chicago"
     Beanie Sigel - "The Truth"

New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
Freedomburger: (Columbia 1972)
* "Goodnight Irene"
     Controller 7 - "LHS Track 13"

Phillips, Shawn
?: (? ?)
* "We Came to Say Goodbbye"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "That Shit"

Spaced: (A&M 1977)
* "I Don't Want to Leave You, I Just Came to Say Goodbye"
     Sadat X - "Stages and Lights"

Flash Gordon soundtrack: (? ?)
* "Flash Gordon"
     DJ Shadow - "Basic Mega-Mix"
     Gospel Gangstas - "?"
     Public Enemy - "Terminator X to the Edge of Panic"

Rado & Company
Hair soundtrack: (RCA 1968)
* "Where Do I Go?"
     Mormon Ghetto Projectz ft X-Caliber - "Da Shape of Hiphop to Come"
     Ruff Ryders - "?"
     Run-DMC - "Down with the King"
     Special Ed - "Ready 2 Attack"

Rare Earth
Willie Remembers: (Rare Earth 1973)
* "We're Gonna Have a Good Time"
     Boss - "Mai Sista Iz a Bitch"

Once upon a Dream: (Atlantic 1968)
* "I'm Gonna Love You"
     Mobb Deep - "Rare Species (Modus Operandi)"

Wovoka: (Epic 1973)
* "Someday (A Good Song)"
     DJ Mayonnaise - "DJs Shouldn't Talk/ Ozzy Rules"

Road Home
Peaceful Children: (Dunhill 1971)
* "Love's Gonna Get You Anyway"
     DJ Krush - "Meiso"

Rotary Connection
Hey Love: (Cadet Concept 1971)
* "I am the Blackgold of the Sun"
     Nuyorican Soul - "I am the Black Gold of the Sun"

Shanghai: (Warner Bros 1974)
* "Loose as a Goose" (Drums)
     Kool Keith - "Keep It Real . . . Represent My Nuts"
     One Be Lo - "Questions"

I Can Never Go Home Anymore: (Red Bird 1978)
* "I Can Never Go Home Anymore"
     David Holmes - "Gone"

Sly Fox
Let's Go All the Way: (Capitol 1985)
* "Let's Go All the Way"
     Boogie Boys - "Fly Girl"
     Insane Clown Posse - "Let's Go All the Way"

No Protection: (RCA 1987)
* "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
     R'n'G - "Can't U CE"

Stone Roses
Stone Roses: (Silvertone 1989)
* "Fools Gold"
     Run-DMC - "What's it All About?"

Stranglers, The
La Folie: (Liberty 1981)
* "Golden Brown"
     Kaleef - "Golden Brown"
     Omar - "Golden Brown"

Pudding and Gisteren: (Polydor 1972)
* "Judy Goes on Holiday"
     DJ Shadow - "Organ Donor"

T. Rex
Electric Warrior: (Fly 1971)
* "Bang a Gong (Get It On)"
     Oasis - "Cigarettes & Alcohol"

US 69
Yesterdays Folks: (Quality 1969)
* "Miss Goodbody"
     DJ Shadow - "Red Bus"

Vanilla Fudge
The Beat Goes On: (ATCO 1968)
* "The Beat Goes On(#1)"
     Alias - "Three Phase Irony"
* "The Beat Goes On(#2)"
     Peanut Butter Wolf - "Casio"
* "The Beat Goes On(#4)"
     Alias - "Headbumps"

Village People
Go West: (Casablanca 1979)
* "Go West"
     Pet Shop Boys - "Go West"

Waldman, Wendy
?: (? ?)
* "Living is Good"
     Capone-N-Noreaga - "Queens"

Wilder, Matthew
I Don't Speak the Language: (Private I 1983)
* "Never Gonna Break My Stride"
     Puff Daddy ft Ma$e - "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"

Upstairs at Eric's: (Sire 1982)
* "Don't Go"
     Kid Sister - "Big N Bad"

Section 4. Blues Samples

Adams, Arthur
It's Private Tonight: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "I Gotta Help My People"
     J-Live - "School's In"

Bland, Bobby
Dreamer: (Dunhill 1974)
* "I Ain't Gonna Be the First to Cry"
     Typical Cats - "It Won't Stop"

Butterfield, Paul
In My Own Dream: (Elektra 1968)
* "Last Hope's Gone"
     Organized Konfusion - "Stress"

Put it in Your Ear: (Bearsville 1975)
* "I Don't Wanna Go"
     Black Sheep - "Butt in the Meantime"

King, B. B.
Completely Well: (Polydor 1971)
* "The Thrill is Gone"
     Hammer - "Thrill is Gone"
     Masta Ace - "Style Wars"
     Public Enemy - "Air Hoodlum"
     X-Clan - "Fire and Earth"

Section 5. Reggae

Andy, Bob
?: (? ?)
* "Congo Call"
     Meat Beat Manifesto - "Prime Audio Soup"

Section 6. Old School Rap

HotCold Sweat
?: (? ?)
* "Meet Me at the GoGo"
     Coldcut - "Say Kids, What Time is It?"

Section 7. Comedy

Harris, Robin
?: (? ?)
* "GottagoGottago!"
     Public Enemy - "911 is a Joke"

Hicks, Bill
Relentless: (Invasion 1992)
* "Drugs Have Done Good Things"
     Tool - "Third Eye"

Section 8. Soundtracks

Barry, John (Seven)
King Rat soundtrack: (Mainstream 1965)
* "Touch and Go"
     Non-Phixion - "5 Boros"

Donaggi, Pino
Carrie soundtrack: (United Artists 1975)
* "And God Made Eve"
     Sebutones - "To Mock a Killingbird"

Duhamel, Antoine
?: (? ?)
* "Belphégor (Theme)"
     Wu-Tang Clan - "Gravel Pit"

Morricone, Ennio
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly soundtrack: (United Artists 1967)
* "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly"
     Bomb the Bass - "Beat Dis"
     Sadat X - "Hang 'em High"

Remedios, Mike
The Way of the Dragon soundtrack: (Enterprise 1972)
* "Dragon Arrived in Roma"
     Kutmasta Kurt ft Planet Asia & 427 - "Bringin it Back"

Rota, Nino
The Godfather soundtrack: (Paramount 1972)
* "Main Title (The Godfather Waltz)"
     Fat Joe - "Fat Joe's Way"

Schifrin, Lalo
Enter the Dragon soundtrack: (Warner Bros 1973)
* "Enter the Dragon"
     De la Soul - "Oooh"

Stein, Ronald
Getting Straight soundtrack: (RCA 1970)
* "Pigs Go Home"
     2Mex ft Ellay Khule & Wreccless - "BustMustJustUs"
     Eminem - "Guilty Conscience"
     Ras Kass ft Huricane G, and Diezel Don - "Got You Too Hot"

Section 9. Easy Listening, Loungecore, Vocal, Traditional Pop

Ainsworth, Alyn
?: (? ?)
* "Where Do I Go"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Can't Front on Me"

Feliciano, Jose
And the Feeling's Gone: (RCA 1974)
* "And the Feeling's Good"
     Lauryn Hill - "To Zion"

Ferrante & Teicher
In a Soulful Mood: (United Artists 1974)
* "Betcha By Golly Wow"
     Busta Rhymes - "Salute Da Gods"
     Charles Hamilton - "Writing in the Sky"

Sinatra, Frank
September of My Years: (Reprise 1965)
* "It Was a Very Good Year"
     Rhymefest - "When I Was"

Section 10. Electronica, Avant-Garde, New Age

Snowflakes are Dancing: (RCA/Red Seal 1974)
* "Golliwog's Cakewalk"
     Beatnuts - "Psycho Dwarf"

Section 12. Latin, Salsa

Averne, Harvey
Viva Soul: (Atlantic 1968)
* "You're No Good"
     House of Pain - "Jump Around"

Jose Jose
Secretos: (RCA 1973)
* "Cuando Vayas Conmigo"
     Noreaga - "It's Not a Game"

Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
Jungle Fire!: (Prestige ?)
* "Got Myself a Good Man"
     Bomb the Bass - "Bug Powder Dust"
     Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home"
     Deejay Punc-Rock - "Brooklyn Style"

Section 13. World

Kuti, Fela-Ransome
Upside Down: (Decca Afrodisia 1976)
* "Go Slow"
     Rascalz - "Really Livin'"

Reebop Kwaku Baah, Anthony
Reebop: (Island 1972)
* "If You Want to Go"
     Blackalicious - "Attica Black"

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