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Section 1. Soul

Butler, Jerry
?: (? ?)
* "Mr. Dream Merchant"
     OMD ft Snizake and Iriscience - "Medication"

In a Special Way: (Motown 1984)
* "A Dream"
     Blackstreet - "Don't Leave Me"
     Grip Grand - "MPE 2000"
     Mary J. Blige - "A Dream"
     Tupac - "I Ain't Mad at Ya"

Earth, Wind & Fire
?: (? ?)
* "Daydreamun'"
     Nas - "Pray"

Franklin, Aretha
Young Gifted and Black: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Day Dreaming"
     Cam'Ron ft Tiffany - "Daydreaming"
     MC Solaar - "Daydreamin"

Kay Gees
Burn Me Up: (De Lite 1975)
* "Heavenly Dream"
     Kanye West - "Celebration"

New Birth
Blind Baby: (Buddah 1975)
* "Dream Mercahnt"
     Gauge ft Phantasm - "Bring it to Me"

Ohio Players
Pain: (Westbound 1971)
* "Never Had a Dream"
     B.U.M.S. - "Suck My"
     Gang Starr - "Love Sick"
     Ice Cube - "Down for Whatever"
     Lord Finesse - "Track the Movement"

Riperton, Minnie
Come to My Garden: (GRT 1971)
* "Only When I'm Dreaming"
     Smif-N-Wessun - "Hellucination"

Wonder, Stevie
Where I'm Coming From: (Motown 1971)
* "Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer"
     Common ft Lauryn Hill - "Retrospect for Life"

Section 2. Jazz

Benson, George
White Rabbit: (CTI 1971)
* "California Dreaming"
     Foxxy Brown - "My Life"
     Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass Niggah"
     Organized Konfusion - "Intro"
     Trina and Tamara - "Joanne"

Bad Benson: (CTI 1974)
* "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams"
     Pharoahe Monch - "The Light"

Action: (Fantasy 1977)
* "Dreaming about You"
     Dru Down - "Weak Moves"
     Kool G Rap - "Live and Let Die"
     Lench Mob - "Lord Have Mercy"
     Lighter Shade of Brown - "?"

Burton, Gary (Quartet)
Passengers with Eberhard Weber: (ECM 1976)
* "B&G (Midwestern Nights Dream)"
     DJ Honda - "Trouble in the Water"

Burton, Gary Quartet & Weber, Eberhard
Passengers: (ECM 1976)
* "B&G (Midwestern Nights Dream)"
     DJ Honda - "Trouble in the Water"

Corea, Chick
Leprechaun: (Polydor 1975)
* "Leprechaun's Dream"
     Private Investigators - "That's What it Is"

Images: (ABC 1978)
* "Marcella's Dream"
     DJ Honda ft Biz Markie - "Biz Freestyle"
     Trends of Culture - "Old Habits"
     Various Blends - "Merry Go Round"

Getz, Stan
Another World: (Columbia 1977)
* "Keep Dreamin"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Tell Me"

Horn, Paul (& Nexus)
Paul Horn and Nexus: (Epic 1975)
* "Dharma"
     Sage Francis - "Different"

Humphrey, Paul (& the Cool-Aid Chemists)
America Wake Up: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "Uncle Willie's Dream"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "What?"

Laws, Hubert
The Chicago Theme: (CTI 1975)
* "I Had a Dream"
     Faith Evans - "Do Your Time"
     MOP - "Downtown Swinga (Pt 2)"

Lewis, Ramsey
Funky Serenity: (Columbia 1973)
* "Dreams"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Busta Rhymes - "One Two Shit"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Jay-Z and Faith Evans - "Stressed Out"
     Beck - "Debra"
     Ty - "Mind Made Up"

Sample, Joe
Rainbow Seeker: (ABC 1978)
* "In All My Wildest Dreams"
     Anthony Hamilton and Terri Ellison - "I Will Go"
     Arrested Development - "Africa's Inside Me"
     De la Soul - "WRMS's Dedication to the Bitty"
     Skin Deep ft Lil Kim - "No More Games"
     Tupac - "Dear Mama"

Weather Report
Night Passage: (CBS 1980)
* "Dream Clock"
     OC - "Let It Slide Intro"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Aerosmith: (Columbia 1973)
* "Dream On"
     Eminem - "Sing for the Moment"

Body and Soul
Body and Soul: (National General 1971)
* "Yesterday's Dream"
     B.U.M.S. - "Brothas Unda Madness"

Sweet Dreams are Made of These: (RCA 1982)
* "Sweet Dreams"
     De la Soul - "Dreams of a Funky Towel"
     Fallen - "We Come 1"
     Nas - "Street Dreams"

Glass Prism
Poe Through the Glass Prism: (RCA 1969)
* "A Dream within a Dream"
     Amon Tobin - "El Chimi"
     Non-Prophets - "All Word, No Play"
     People Under the Stairs - "Blowin' Wax"

Gunter Kallman Chorus
?: (Polydor 1970)
* "Daydream"
     Beta Band - "Squares"
     Drummattic Twins - "Daydream"
     I, Monster - "Daydream in Blue"
     Wiseguys - "We Keep On"

Hendrix, Jimi
Electric Ladyland: (Reprise 1968)
* "Rain Day, Dream Away"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Go Ahead in the Rain"

Mamas & the Papas
If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears: (Dunhill 1966)
* "California Dreaming"
     Attica Blues - "Sketch"

Parsons, Alan Project
Tales & Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe: (20th Century 1976)
* "Dream within a Dream"
     Macross Matrix - "Infinite"

Ross, Alan
The Pit and the Pendulum: (RSO 1974)
* "Swallow Your Dreams"
     Blackalicious - "If I May"

Stewart, Rod (Jackson, Python Lee)
In a Broken Dream: (GNP 1972)
* "In a Broken Dream"
     Lovage - "Lifeboat"

Wright, Gary
The Dreamweaver: (Warner Bros 1975)
* "Dream Weaver"
     Dream Warriors - "Voyage Through the Multiverse"

Section 8. Soundtracks

Botkin, Perry & DeVorzon, Barry
Nadia's Theme: (? 1974)
* "Cotton's Dream" (The _Young and the Restless_ Theme)
     Cuban Link - "Flowers for the Dead"
     Mary J. Blige - "No More Drama"
     Three 6 Mafia - "Tear Da Club Up"

Mancini, Henry
Dream of You: (RCA 1970)
* "Dream of You"
     Mike Ladd - "Bush League Junkie"

Moroder, Giorgio
Cat People soundtrack: (Backstreet 1982)
* "Leopard Tree Dream"
     Cannibal Ox - "Iron Galaxy"

Tew, Alan
The Hanged Man soundtrack: (Contour 1975)
* "Smokey Joe the Dreamer"
     Street Smartz - "Metal Thangs"

Section 9. Easy Listening, Loungecore, Vocal, Traditional Pop

Mystic Moods Orchestra
One Stormy Night: (Philips 1967)
* "A Dream"
     Dynospectrum - "Armor"

Section 13. World

Ohta, Herb
Song for Anna: (A&M 1974)
* "Living in Dreams"
     Fat Joe - "Success"

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