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Section 1. Soul

7th Wonder
Climbing Higher: (Parachute 1979)
* "Daisy Lady"
     LL Cool J - "I'm Bad"

Average White Band
Average White Band: (Atlantic 1974)
* "Pick up the Pieces"
     Real Roxanne - "Her Bad Self"

Cut the Cake: (Atlantic 1975)
* "Schoolboy Crush"
     Poetry in Motion - "Bad Muthafucka"

Bliss, Melvin
single: (Sunburst 1977)
* "Synthetic Substitution" (Drums)
     Redman - "I'm a Bad"

Brown, James
Cold Sweat: (King 1967)
* "Cold Sweat"
     Cookie Crew - "Bad Girls (Rock the Spot)"

Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud: (King 1969)
* "I'm Black and I'm Proud"
     2 Live Crew - "Ya Bad Self"
     Real Roxanne - "Her Bad Self"

Sex Machine: (King 1970)
* "Give it up or Turnit a Loose"
     2 Live Crew - "Ya Bad Self"
* "I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothin' (Open up the Door. . .)"
     Bobby Konders - "Bad Boy Dance"

Super Bad: (King 1971)
* "Super Bad"
     Color Me Badd - "Color Me Badd"

Black Caesar: (Polydor 1973)
* "The Boss"
     Lord Finesse - "Bad Mutha"

The Payback: (Polydor 1974)
* "Take Some. . . Leave Some"
     2 Bad Mice - "2 Bad Mice"
* "The Payback" (Intro)
     Almighty RSO - "Badd Boyz"

In the Jungle Groove: (Polydor 1986)
* "Funky Drummer" (Drums)
     Choice MC - "Bad A-s Bitch"
     Kool Moe Dee - "Bad, Bad, Bad"
     LL Cool J - "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"
* "Get Up, Get into It, Get Involved" (First appearance on album)
     Redhead Kingpen - "Superbad, Superslick"

Carlton, Carl
Carl Carlton: (20th Century 1980)
* "She's a Bad Mama Jama"
     Foxxy Brown ft Dru Hill - "Big Bad Mamma"
     Sh' Killa - "She's Bad"

Collins, Lyn
Think (About It): (People 1972)
* "Think (About It)"
     Chubb Rock - "Ya Bad Chubbs"
     Cookie Crew - "Bad Girls (Rock the Spot)"
     Redhead Kingpen - "Superbad, Superslick"
     Roxanne Shante - "Bad Sista"

Hot on the Tracks: (Motown 1976)
* "Girl, I Think the World about You"
     De la Soul - "Buddy"

Be Thankful for What You've Got: (Roxbury 1974)
* "Be Thankful for What You Got"
     Master P - "Mama's Bad Boy"

Earth, Wind & Fire
All N All: (CBS 1977)
* "Brazilian Rhyme" (Interlude)
     Boogiemonsters - "Bodya"
     Joe Budden - "Body Hot"

Eleventh Hour
Hollywood Hot: (20th Century 1976)
* "Hollywood Hot"
     Dr. Dre ft Knoc'Turnal - "Bad Intentions"

Untouched: (Stax 1971)
* "Blind Alley"
     DaLush & The Click - "I'm a Bad Bad Nigga"

Five Stairsteps
Love's Happening: (Curtom 1968)
* "Don't Change Your Love" (Drums)
     De la Soul - "Buddy"

Step by Step by Step: (Buddah 1970)
* "Ooh Child"
     De la Soul - "Buddy"

Funkadelic: (Westbound 1970)
* "Good Ole Music" (Drums)
     Scarface - "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Gardner, Taana
single: (West End 1979)
* "Heartbeat"
     De la Soul - "Buddy"

Gaye, Marvin
I Want You: (Tamla 1976)
* "After the Dance" (Instrumental)
     Chino XL - "It's All Bad"

Green, Al
Al Green is Love: (Hi 1975)
* "I Wish You Were Here"
     Kanye West - "The Good the Bad and the Ugly"

Hayes, Isaac
Shaft: (Stax/Enterprise 1971)
* "Theme from Shaft"
     Bomb the Bass - "Beat Dat"

Incredible Bongo Band
Bongo Rock: (Pride 1973)
* "Apache" (Drums)
     Dee Patten - "Who's the Bad Man"

Isley Brothers
Go for Your Guns: (T-Neck 1977)
* "Footsteps in the Dark"
     Keith Murray - "Bad Day"

Jones, Grace
Nightclubbing: (Island 1981)
* "Nightclubbin'"
     Shyne - "Bad Boyz"

Kid Dynamite
Kid Dynamite: (Cream 1976)
* "Uphill Peace of Mind" (Drums)
     Roxanne Shante - "Bad Sista"

Kidd, Maxx
?: (? ?)
* "I Can Do Bad by Myself"
     Biz Markie - "Bad by Myself"

Kool and the Gang
The Best of Kool & the Gang featuring the Penguin: (De-Lite 1971)
* "Kool it (Here Come the Fuzz)"
     Kool G Rap - "Bad to the Bone"

Live at P.J.'s: (De-Lite 1972)
* "N.T." (Drums)
     Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - "Six Bad Brothas"

Good Times: (De-Lite 1972)
* "Rated X"
     Queen Latifah - "Queen of Royal Badness"

Lowrell: (AVI 1979)
* "Mellow Mellow Right On"
     Zhane - "Why You Want me So Bad?"

Mayfield, Curtis
Back to the World: (Curtom 1973)
* "Future Shock"
     Poison Clan - "Bad Influence"

single: (Pama 1968)
* "The Champ"
     Michael Jackson - "2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)"
     Steady B - "Believe Me Das Bad"

Chocolate City: (Casablanca 1975)
* "Chocolate City"
     WC - "It's All Bad"

Mothership Connection: (Casablanca 1976)
* "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)"
     Ice Cube - "Say Hi to the Bad Guy"

Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome: (Casablanca 1977)
* "Flashlight"
     Too $hort - "Bad Ways"

Pendergrass, Teddy
Teddy: (Philidelphia 1979)
* "Come Go with Me"
     Shaggy ft Grand Puba - "Why You Treat Me So Bad"

Players Association
Players Association: (Vanguard 1978)
* "Love Hangover"
     Twista - "Badonkadonk"

Sign of the Times: (Paisley Park 1987)
* "Sign of the Times"
     Derek B - "Bad Young Brother"

Rhythm Heritage
Disco-Fied: (ABC 1976)
* "Theme from S.W.A.T."
     LL Cool J - "I'm Bad"

Robinson, Smokey (& the Miracles)
Smokey's Family Robinson: (Robinson 1976)
* "Do Like I Do"
     Scarface - "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Rose Royce
In Full Bloom: (Whitfield 1977)
* "Do Your Dance" (Drums)
     Almighty RSO - "Revenge of the Bad Boys"

Sly & the Family Stone (Stone, Sly)
Stand: (Epic 1969)
* "Sing a Simple Song" (Drums)
     Schoolly D - "Dis Groove is Bad"
* "I Want to Take You Higher"
     Schoolly D - "Dis Groove is Bad"

Summer, Donna
Love to Love You Baby: (Casablanca 1975)
* "Love to Love You Baby"
     TLC - "I'm Good at Being Bad"

Thomas, Rufus
?: (Stax 1973)
* "Do the Funky Penguin" (Drums)
     Bobby Konders - "Bad Boy Dance"

Van Peebles, Melvin
Don't Play Us Cheap: (Stax 1972)
* "I'm a Bad Character"
     Quasimoto - "Bad Character"

Watson, Johnny "Guitar"
A Real Mutha for Ya: (DJM 1977)
* "A Real Mother for Ya"
     Crooked Path - "Bad Mutha fo Ya"

single: (Harlem International 1981)
* "Help is on the Way"
     MC Lyte - "Bad Sister"

Whitney, Marva
It's My Thing: (King 1969)
* "It's My Thing"
     Cookie Crew - "Bad Girls (Rock the Spot)"

Section 2. Jazz

Adderley, Cannonball (Quintet)
Music, You All: (Capitol 1976)
* "Cannon Raps"
     Beatnuts - "Superbad"

Flying Start: (Fantasy 1974)
* "Blackbyrds' Theme"
     Queen Latifah - "Bad as a Mutha"

City Life: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Rock Creek Park"
     Bobby Konders - "Bad Boy Dance"

Cowell, Stanley
Musa - Ancestral Streams: (Strata East 1974)
* "Abscretions"
     Latryx - "Bad Days"

Southern Comfort: (Blue Thumb 1974)
* "Whispering Pines"
     Alkaholiks ft King T - "Got it Bad Ya'll"

Deodato 2: (CTI 1973)
* "Rhapsody in Blue"
     Del - "Catch a Bad One"

Dolphy, Eric
Far Cry: (Prestige 1960)
* "Mrs Parker of K.C."
     Del - "Catch a Bad One"

Donaldson, Lou
Mr. Shing a Ling: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Ode to Billy Joe" (Drums)
     King T ft tha Alkaholiks - "Got it Bad Y'all"

Grusin, Dave
. . .One of a kind: (Polydor 1977)
* "Modaji"
     Eminem ft Royce - "Bad Meets Evil"

Hancock, Herbie
Fat Albert Rotunda: (Warner Bros 1970)
* "Fat Mama"
     Mellow Man Ace - "Babulu Bad Boy"

Harris, Eddie
Bad Luck is All I Have: (Atlantic 1975)
* "Get on up and Dance"
     De la Soul - "Buddy"

Simone, Nina
I Put A Sell On You: (Phillips 1965)
* "Feeling Good"
     50 Cent - "Bad News"

Section 3. Pop, Rock, Alternative

Art of Noise
Into Battle with the Art of Noise: (Island 1983)
* "Beat Box (Diversion One)"
     Chubb Rock - "Ya Bad Chubbs"

Beck, Jeff
Wired: (Epic 1976)
* "Come Dancing" (Drums)
     Chino XL - "It's All Bad"

Boney M
Take the Heat Off Me: (Atco 1976)
* "No Woman, No Cry"
     Boss - "Catch a Bad One"

Fresh Out of Borstal: (RCA 1970)
* "Borstal"
     Latyrx - "Bad News"

Gainsbourg, Serge
Histoire de Melody Nelson: (Philips 1971)
* "En Melody"
     Beatnuts - "Superbad"

Nothing Less: (Warner 2000)
* "I Would Stay"
     Scooter - "Bit a Bad Boy"

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV: (Atlantic 1971)
* "When the Levee Breaks" (Drums)
     Derek B - "Bad Young Brother"

Moby Grape
Grape Jam: (Columbia 1968)
* "Boysenberry Jam"
     Akinyele - "Beat"

Squier, Billy
The Tale of the Tape: (Capitol 1980)
* "Big Beat" (Drums)
     Almighty RSO - "Badd Boyz"

Tom Tom Club
Tom Tom Club: (Sire 1981)
* "Genius of Love"
     Almighty RSO - "Badd Boyz"

Upstairs at Eric's: (Sire 1982)
* "Don't Go"
     Kid Sister - "Big N Bad"

Section 4. Blues Samples

Diddley, Bo
Big Bad Bo: (Chess 1974)
* "Hit or Miss"
     De la Soul - "Buddy"

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