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Section 1. Soul

Brown, Jocelyn
One from the Heart: (WB 1987)
* "Love's Gonna Get You Baby"
     Boogie Down Productions - "Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)"
     Snap - "The Power"

Hayes, Isaac
Presenting Isaac Hayes: (Enterprise 1967)
* "I Want to Make Love to You So Bad/Rock Me Baby"
     Bumpy Knuckles ft MOP - "The Mastas"
     Foxxy Brown - "Intro. . . Chicken Coop"
     Foxxy Brown - "Outro"

Message in the Music: (Philadelphia International 1976)
* "Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love)"
     Big Punisher - "I'm Not a Playa"

Riperton, Minnie
Adventures in Paradise: (Epic 1975)
* "Baby, this Love I Have"
     A Tribe Called Quest - "Check the Rhyme"
     Black Star - "KOS Determination"
     Pete Rock - "Play Dis Only at Night"
     Soul IV Real - "Candy Rain"
     Xzibit - "Rimz and Tirez"

Summer, Donna
Love to Love You Baby: (Casablanca 1975)
* "Love to Love You Baby"
     Digital Underground - "Freaks of the Industry"
     Dr. Dre ft L L Cool J - "Zoom"
     TLC - "I'm Good at Being Bad"

Williams, Deneice
This is Niecy: (CBS 1977)
* "Cause You Love Me Baby"
     Queen Pen - "My Melody"

Section 9. Easy Listening, Loungecore, Vocal, Traditional Pop

Mendes, Sergio
Favourite Things: (Atlantic 1968)
* "Boa Palava"
     Mad Skillz - "It's Goin' Down"

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