McCann, Les
Much Les: (Alantic 1968)
* “Roberta”
     Afu-Ra’s “Whirlwind Through Cities”
     Black Sheep’s “Let's Get Cozy”
     E Bros’s “Funky Piano”
* “Benjamin”
     2 Bal 2 Neg’s “Interlude”
     IAM’s “C'est Donc a Nos Vies”
     Mobb Deep’s “Right Back at You”

Comment: (Atlantic 1969)
* “Baby Baby”
     Musab’s “Love Beat”

Invitation to Openness: (Atlantic 1971)
* “The Lovers”
     Dynospectrum’s “Introspectrum”
     Freestyle Fellowship’s “Everything's Everything”
     So-Called Artists’s “Sideshow”
* “Beaux J. Poo Boo”
     Freestyle Fellowship’s “Everything's Everything”
* “Poo Pye McGoochie (and his Friends)”
     Alias’s “Jovial Costume”
     DJ Krush’s “Escapee”
     Sixtoo’s “Disclaimer”

Talk to the People: (Atlantic 1972)
* “North Carolina” (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “After Hours”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Infamous Date Rape”
     Black Sheep’s “To Whom it May Concern”
     Bulldog Breaks’s “Funk is a Four Letter Word”
     Dilated Peoples’s “Cool City Slicker”
     DJ Krush ft ?uestlove’s “Endless Railway”
     Lyrics Born’s “Asia's Verse”
     Prince Paul’s “You Got Shot”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “Let's Git it On”
     Souls of Mischief’s “What a Way to Go Out”
* “Talk to the People”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “Anger in the Nation”
* “What's Going On”
     Kool G Rap’s “Erase Racism”
     YZ’s “Second to Nobody”
* “She's Here”
     Da Bush Babees’s “Remember We (Salaam Remi Version)”
     L tha Head Toucha’s “It's Your Life”

Live at Montreux: (Atlantic 1972)
* “What's Going On” (Live)
     Pharcyde’s “Bullshit”

Layers: (Atlantic 1973)
* “Sometimes I Cry”
     Massive Attack’s “Teardrops”
     Slick Rick’s “Behind Bars”
* “Anticipation”
     AZ’s “Rather Unique”
* “The Dunbar High School Marching Band”
     Ed OG’s “Streets of the Ghetto”
     Lord Finesse’s “Save That Shit”
     Lords of the Underground’s “Sleep for Dinner”
* “The Harlem Buck Dance Strut”
     Ahmad ft Ras Kass & Saafir’s “Come Widdit”
     Ice T’s “Soul on Ice”
     MC Shan’s “Go for Yours ('Cause I'm Gonna Get Mine)”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “The Main Ingrediant”
     Ras Kass ft Saafir, & Ahmad’s “Come Widdit”
* “Interlude”
     Sixtoo’s “Dysfunctional Family Song”
* “Before I Rest”
     De la Soul’s “Long Island Degrees”

Another Beginning: (Atlantic 1974)
* “Go on and Cry”
     Cella Dwellas’s “Good Dwellas”
     Dream Warriors’s “California Dreaming”
     Funkmaster Flex ft Erick Sermon’s “Freestyle”
     Lords of the Underground’s “No Pain”
     Warren G’s “Runnin' wit' No Breaks”
* “The Morning Song”
     Capitol Tax’s “The Masha”

Hustle to Survive: (Atlantic 1975)
* “Hustle to Survive”
     Defari’s “People's Choice”

Music Lets Me Be: (ABC 1977)
* “Music Lets Me Be”
     Gang Starr’s “You Know My Steez”
* “Beyond Yesterday”
     Gang Starr’s “Itz a Set Up”
* “Valantra”
     Notorious BIG’s “Ten Crack Commandments”
     SWV ft Puff Daddy’s “Someone”

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