Klemmer, John
Blowin' Gold: (Chess 1969)
* “Children of the Earth Flames”
     Beastie Boys’s “The Update”
* “Free Soul”
     Circle of Power’s “Take a Look Around”
     Akinyele’s “Exercise”
     Deda’s “Blah Uno”
     Ed OG’s “Less than Zero”
     InI’s “Life I Live”
     Kurious’s “Leave Ya' with This”
     MC Lyte’s “Lil Paul”
     Rondo & Crazy Rak’s “No Justice No Peace”

Eruption: (Cadet Concept 1970)
* “Gardens of Uranus”
     Hieroglyphics’s “No Nuts”
* “Summer Song”
     Black Sheep’s “We Boys”
     Cypress Hill’s “Roll it Up, Light it Up, Smoke it Up”
     Deda’s “Baby Pa”

Constant Throb: (Impulse 1971)
* “Constant Throb”
     Abstract Rude’s “Blast Off N2 Infinity”
     Chino XL ft Ras Kass’s “Rriiiioottt!!!”

Waterfalls: (MCA 1972)
* “Prelude I”
     Del’s “You're in Shambles”
* “Waterfall I”
     Ghetto Concept’s “EZ on the Motion”

Magic and Movement: (Impulse 1973)
* “The Tree of Forbidden Fruit”
     Micranots’s “All Live”

Intensity: (Impulse 1973)
* “Love Song to Catherine”
     Black Moon’s “Shit Iz Real”

Fresh Feathers: (ABC 1974)
* “Humbling Love”
     Atmosphere’s “God's Bathroom Floor”

Touch: (MCA 1975)
* “Touch”
     Scientifik’s “Downlow Ho”

Barefoot Ballet: (MCA 1976)
* “Barefoot Ballet”
     Ras Kass’s “The Evil That Men Do”

Styles: Soul, Funk and R&B - Jazz - Rock - Blues - Reggae - Old School Rap - Comedy - Media - Various
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