Hammond, John (Smith, John Robert)
Rock Steady: (Kudu 1971)
* “Wild Horses”
     Aceyalone’s “Think”

Breakout: (Kudu 1971)
* “Never Can Say Goodbye”
     B.U.M.S.’s “Take a Look Around”
* “Breakout”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Casualties of War”

What's Going On: (Prestige 1971)
* “I'll Be There”
     Notorious BIG’s “Party & Bullshit”

The Prophet: (Kudu 1972)
* “The Prophet”
     Art of Origin’s “No Slow Rolling”

Higher Ground: (Kudu 1974)
* “Big Sur Suite”
     Beastie Boys’s “Pass the Mic”
     Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours”
     Casual’s “Me-O-Mi-O”
     DJ Krush’s “Edge of Blue”
     Dr. Dre’s “A Nigga Wit a Gun”
     Dr. Dre’s “High Powered”
     Gang Starr’s “24-7-365”
     Insane Clown Posse’s “Never Had it Made”
     MC Eiht’s “We Come Strapped”
     Mix Master Mike’s “Gang Tackle”
     Natas’s “Get My Head Together”
* “Summertime / The Ghetto”
     idéal J’s “Si j'rappe ici”

Gears: (Fantasy 1975)
* “Can't We Smile”
     Erykah Badu’s “Time's a Wastin'”
* “Fantasy”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Sunshine”
* “Shifting Gears”
     C.E.B.’s “M.D.”
     DMX’s “Fuckin' Wit' D”
     Fam-Lee’s “Runs in the Fam-Lee”
     Hieroglyphics’s “See Delight”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Sunshine”
     Stetsasonic’s “In Full Gear”
* “Tell Me What to Do”
     Fabe’s “Comme un Rat dans le Coin”
     Shabaam Sahdeeq’s “Side 2 Side”

Styles: Soul, Funk and R&B - Jazz - Rock - Blues - Reggae - Old School Rap - Comedy - Media - Various
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