Davis, Miles
Porgy & Bess: (? 1958)
* “Bess You is My Woman Now”
     Busta Rhymes’s “Everything Remains Raw”

Kind of Blue: (Columbia 1959)
* “So What”
     Erykah Badu’s “Rimshot (Intro)”

Sketches of Spain: (Columbia 1960)
* “Will O' the Wisp”
     Jeru’s “Wrath of the Math”

Big Fun: (Columbia 1969)
* “IFE”
     Brand Nubian’s “Foundation”

Live-Evil: (Columbia 1971)
* “Sivad”
     3rd Bass’s “?”
     OutKast’s “Ain't No Thang”
     X-Ecutioners’s “Poetry in Motion”

A Tribute to Jack Johnson: (Columbia 1970)
* “Right Off”
     Main Source’s “Peace is Not the Word to Play”

At Fillmore: (Columbia 1970)
* “Thursday Miles”
     DJ Cam’s “Essence Part 5”

Bitches Brew: (Columbia 1974)
* “Bitches Brew”
     Aceyalone’s “The Grandfather Clock”
     Anomaly ft Eyedea’s “Monster Inside”
     Black Moon’s “Niggaz Talk Shit”
     Chi-Ali’s “Road Runner”
     DJ Magic Mike’s “?”
     Fabe’s “Aucune Solution”
     Heavy D’s “You Can't See What I Can See”
* “Sanctuary”
     Oddjobs’s “Liberal Arts”
* “Miles Runs Down Voodoo”
     Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy’s “Satanic Reverses”
     Lootpack’s “Friends vs. Ends”

Water Babies: (? 1976)
* “Water Babies”
     Loose Ends’s “A Little Spice”
     Notorious BIG’s “Party & Bullshit”
     Supreme NTM’s “Qu'est-ce qu'on attend”

The Man with the Horn: (CBS 1980)
* “Back Seat Betty”
     Extra Prolific’s “?”

Get up With It: (? ?)
* “He Loved Him Madly”
     Fat Joe’s “You Must Be Out of Your Fucking Mind”

At Fillmore East: (? ?)
* “Wednesday Miles”
     Fat Joe ft Big Punisher’s “Fire Water”

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