Bootsy's Rubber Band, (Collins, William "Bootsy")
Stretching out in Bootsy's Rubber Band: (Warner Bros 1976)
* “I'd Rather Be with You”
     Adina Howard’s “A Freak Like Me”
     Fat Joe’s “Bust at You”
     Ice T’s “How Does it Feel”
     Keak da Sneak’s “I'd Rather Smoke with U”
     NWA’s “I'd Rather Fuck with You”
     Questionmark Asylum’s “Get With You/I'd Rather Be With You”
     Too $hort’s “Gettin' It”
     Tupac ft Richie Rich’s “Ratha Be Ya Nigga”
* “Vanish in Our Sleep”
     Scarface’s “I Need a Favor”

Ahh. . . The Name's Bootsy Baby: (Warner Bros 1977)
* “Ahh . .. The Name's Bootsy, Baby”
     Eazy-E’s “We Want Eazy”
* “The Pinocchio Theory”
     Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Sleep with My Fonk”
* “What's a Telephone Bill?”
     Thug Life’s “Str8 Ballin'”
* “Munchies for Your Love”
     Fat Joe’s “Say Word”
     G.O.D.’s “Black Love”
     Kokane’s “No Pain, No Gain”
     Scarface’s “Now I Feel Ya”
* “Can't Stay Away”
     NWA’s “To Kill a Hooker”
     Too $hort’s “Can't Stay Away (Outro)”
     WC & the Maad Circle’s “Homesick”

?: (Warner Bros 1978)
* “Bootsy (What's the Name of this Town?)”
     DJ Pooh’s “Sex, Money & Murder”
* “Hollywood Squares” (Vocals)
     Lench Mob’s “Mellow Madness”
     LL Cool J’s “All We Got Left is the Beat”
     MC Breeze’s “LA Posse”
     NWA’s “LA is the Place”
     Too $hort’s “I'm a Player”
     WC’s “Fuckin' wit uh House Party”
* “Bootzilla”
     Digital Underground’s “Rhymin' on the Funk”
     Digital Underground’s “The Danger Zone”
     Doctor Ice’s “Word to the Wise”
     Eazy-E’s “Eazy-Duz-It”
* “May the Force Be with You”
     II Tru’s “Welcome to My World”
     Tupac’s “Where Do We Go from Here?”

This Boot is Made for Fonkin': (WB 1979)
* “Bootsy Get Live!”
     Keith Murray’s “The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World”
* “Under the Influence of a Groove”
     Keith Murray’s “How's That?”
     Trey Lewd’s “The Next Thing You Know (We'll Be)”

Ultra Wave: (Warner Bros 1980)
* “Fat Cat”
     Above the Law’s “Pimp Clinic”
* “It's a Musical”
     Freestyle Fellowship’s “Bullies of the Block”
     Sons of Bazerk’s “Bang (Get Down, Get Down)!”
* “Mug Push”
     Too $hort’s “Playboy Short”
* “F-Encounter”
     Ant Banks’s “Parlayin”

Body Slam: (Warner Bros 1982)
* “Body Slam!”
     Above the Law’s “V.S.O.P.”

The One Giveth, the Count Taketh Away: (Warner Bros 1982)
* “Shynomite”
     Low Profile’s “Funky Song”

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