Rushen, Patrice
Before the Dawn: (Prestige 1975)
* “Kickin Back”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Let's Organize”
     The Coup’s “Fuck a Perm”

Shout It Out: (Prestige 1977)
* “Let Your Heart Be Free”
     9th Wonder’s “Leaky Beat Vault”

Patrice: (Elektra 1977)
* “Didn't You Know?”
     Hieroglyphics’s “You Never Knew”

Pizzazz: (Elektra 1979)
* “Settle for My Love”
     Anotha Level’s “What's That Cha Say?”
     Joya’s “Gettin' off on You”
     Shadz of Lingo’s “Mad Flavaz”
     Shyheim’s “Shaolin Style”
     Trina and Tamara’s “Settle for My Love”
* “Givin' it up is Givin' Up”
     De la Soul’s “Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa”
     Gravediggaz’s “Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?”
     Tupac’s “Grab the Mic”

Posh: (Elektra 1980)
* “This is All I Really Know”
     Buckwild ft OC’s “Burn So Slow”
     Royal Flush’s “I Got All this Money”

single: (Elektra 1980)
* “Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)”
     Ice Cube ft DMX’s “Clubbin'”

Straight from the Heart: (Elektra/Asylum 1982)
* “Forget Me Nots”
     Beatnuts’s “Gimme Da Ass”
     George Michael’s “Fast Love”
     J-Flex’s “Who Been There, Who Done That?”
     Will Smith’s “Men in Black”
* “Where There is Love”
     Frost’s “Nothing in this World”
     Lil Half Dead’s “12 Pacofdoja”
     Mobb Deep’s “Temperature's Rising”
     Smooth’s “Strawberries”
* “Remind Me”
     Brotha Lynch Hung’s “Walkin 2 My Funeral”
     Chocolate’s “Home Sweet Home”
     Chubb Rock’s “Just the Two of Us”
     Common ft Chantay Savage’s “Reminding Me (Of Sef)”
     De la Soul’s “Eye Know”
     Faith Evans’s “Fallin' in Love”
     Heavy D’s “Take Your Time”
     Junior MAFIA’s “I Need You Tonight”
     Keith Murray’s “Dip-Dip-Di (You Remix Me)”
     King George’s “TRU Playa”
     Mack 10’s “Here Comes the G”
     MoKenStef’s “He's Mine”
     Notorious BIG’s “Unbelievable”
     Silk-E-Fyne’s “Keep it Real”
     Skee-lo’s “Top of the Stairs”
     Top Authority’s “How Much”
     Tragedy’s “Grand Groove”

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