Rose Royce
Car Wash: (RCA 1976)
* “6 O'Clock DJ”
     Beastie Boys’s “33% God”
     Beastie Boys’s “Shake Your Rump”
     Stereo MCs’s “Gee Street”
* “I Wanna Get Next to You”
     Christion’s “I Wanna Get Next to You”
* “Zig Zag”
     Downtown Science’s “The Topic Drift”
     Ice Cream Tee’s “Come On”
     Tony D’s “Buggin' on the Line”
* “Born to Love You”
     Beastie Boys’s “33% God”
     Beastie Boys’s “Shake Your Rump”
* “Daddy Rich”
     3rd Bass’s “Daddy Rich in the Land of 1210”
     3rd Bass’s “Merchant of Grooves”
     Beastie Boys’s “33% God”
     MC Serch’s “Return of the Product”
* “I'm Going Down”
     Cam'Ron ft Juelz Santana’s “Oh Boy”
     Insane Poetry’s “Till Death Do Us Part”
     Mary J. Blige’s “I'm Goin' Down”
* “Yo Yo”
     Beastie Boys’s “33% God”
     Beastie Boys’s “Shake Your Rump”
* “Keep on Keepin' On”
     Cool C’s “Ya Feelin Alright”

In Full Bloom: (Whitfield 1977)
* “Wishing on a Star”
     Cover Girls’s “Wishing on a Star”
     Jay-Z’s “Wishing on a Star”
     Masta Ace’s “Beautiful”
     Tupac’s “When We Ride on Our Enemies”
* “Do Your Dance” (Drums)
     Almighty RSO’s “Revenge of the Bad Boys”
     Beastie Boys’s “Shadrach”
     EPMD’s “The Funk”
     PRT’s “Just Servin' Justice”
     Public Enemy’s “Aintnuttin Buttersong”
* “Ooh Boy” (Vocals)
     50 Cent’s “As The World Turns”
     Benito’s “You Ain t Heard Nothin' Yet”
     Candyman’s “Ooh Boy”
     DJ Quik’s “Sweet Black Pussy”
     En Vogue’s “I Love You More”
     Ma$e ft Billy Lawrence’s “Love U So”
     Shaggy ft Janet Jackson’s “Luv Me, Luv Me”
     Snoop Dogg’s “La Di Da Di”

Rose Royce Strikes Back: (Whitfield 1978)
* “Love Don't Live Here Anymore”
     Dr. Dre ft Hittman’s “Big Ego's”
     Faith Evans’s “Love Don't Live Here Anymore”
     Geto Boys’s “Geto Fantasy”
     Madd Rapper ft Puff Daddy’s “How We Do”
     MC Eiht’s “From Yo Hood 2 My Hood”

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