Mandrill: (Polydor 1970)
* “Peace and Love (Movement II)”
     Eminem’s “On Fire”
     Meat Beat Manifesto’s “Drop”
* “Peace and Love (Movement IV)”
     Kanye West ft Mos Def, Freeway, and The Harlem Boy's Choir’s “2 Words”
* “Peace and Love (Movement V)”
     Meat Beat Manifesto’s “MindStream”

Is: (Polydor 1972)
* “Lord of the Golden Baboon”
     Black Eyed Peas ft Esthero’s “Weekends”
     EPMD’s “Rampage”
* “The Universal Rhythm”
     Beck’s “Hotwax”

Just Outside of Town: (Polydor 1973)
* “Mango Meat”
     Abstract Tribe Unique’s “The Scandal: Then & Now”
     Jungle Brothers’s “Straight out the Jungle”
     Mic Geronimo ft DMX, Fatal, Cormega & Ja’s “The Usual Suspects”
     Ministere Amer’s “RCA”
* “Two Sisters of Mystery”
     Public Enemy’s “By the Time I Get to Arizona”
     Renegade Soundwave’s “Blue Eyed Boy”
* “Fat City Strut”
     Avalanches’s “Radio”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Beats for the Listeners”
     Jaz’s “Jaz O”
     Schoolly D’s “Am I Black Enough for You?”
* “Love Song”
     Nas’s “U Gotta Love It”

Composite Truth: (Polydor 1973)
* “Don't Mess with People”
     Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.’s “Don't Mess”
     DITC’s “Get Yours”
     Yo-Yo’s “Dope Femininity”
* “Fencewalk”
     Cypress Hill’s “The Funky Cypress Hill Shit”
     De la Soul ft Da Beatminerz’s “The Hustle”
     Ice Cube’s “Jimmy Hatz Commercial”
     Public Enemy’s “Bedlam 13:13”
     Schoolly D’s “King of New York”
     Ultramagnetic MCs’s “Stop Jockin Me”
* “Out With The Boys”
     Arsonists’s “Underground Vandal”

Mandrilland: (Polydor 1974)
* “After the Race”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “Get it On”
* “Khidja”
     Dynas’s “Urbanomics”
     Quasimoto’s “Green Power”

We Are One: (Arista 1977)
* “Gilly Hines”
     Brandy’s “Talk About Our Love”

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