Le Pamplemouse
single: (AVI 1976)
* “Gimme What You Got”
     427’s “Give it to Me”
     Alkaholiks’s “Daaam!”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Word to the Mother (Land)”
     Dru Hill’s “Somebody's Sleepin' in My Bed”
     Eminem’s “Cum on Everybody”
     Geto Boys’s “Scarface”
     King Sun’s “Time to Go”
     Leaders of the New School’s “?”
     Redman’s “Pick it Up”
     St Lunatic’s “Gimme What You Got”

Le Spank: (AVI 1977)
* “Monkey See, Monkey Do”
     KMD’s “Figure of Speech”

Styles: Soul, Funk and R&B - Jazz - Rock - Blues - Reggae - Old School Rap - Comedy - Media - Various
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