Kelly, Herman & Life
Percussion Explosion: (Electric Cat 1978)
* “Dance to the Drummer's Beat”
     2 Live Crew’s “Megamixx”
     Beats International’s “Dance to the Drummer's Beat”
     Body & Soul’s “Dance to the Drummer's Beat”
     Brownstone’s “Let's Get it Started”
     Cut 'N' Move’s “Get Serious”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Live at Union Square”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Magnificent Jazzy Jeff”
     Kaos’s “Let the People Dance”
     Low Profile’s “How Ya Livin'”
     Masters at Work’s “Jeep Bonus”
     NWA’s “Dopeman”
     Original Concept’s “Pump That Bass”
     Richie Rich’s “(My DJ) Pump it Up”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Yeah Boy”
     Two Kings in a Cipher’s “Kemit-Cal Reaction”

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