Harlem Underground Band
Harlem Underground: (Paul Winley 1976)
* “Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba” (Drums)
     Company Flow’s “8 Steps to Perfection”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “What's Going On?”
     Genius’s “Pass the Bone”
     MadKap’s “Cheeba 2”
     Medina Green’s “Crosstown Beef”
     Sham & the Professor’s “Who's at the Door?”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “All about the Cash”
     Tone Loc’s “Cheeba Cheeba”
* “Ain't No Sunshine” (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Everything is Fair”
     Beatnuts’s “No Equal”
     Ghostface Killah’s “Stokes of Death”
     MadKap’s “Cheeba 2”

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