Gap Band
Gap Band I: (Mercury 1979)
* “Shake”
     DJ Quik’s “Mo Pussy”
     DJ Quik’s “Shake”

Gap Band II: (Mercury 1979)
* “I Don't Believe You Want to Get up and Dance (Oops)”
     DJ Quik’s “Mo Pussy”
     Snap’s “Ooops Upside Your Head”
     Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop's Upside ya Head”
     Spice 1’s “Strap on the Side”

Gap Band III: (Mercury 1980)
* “Yearning for Your Love”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Pad & Pen”
     Heavy D’s “?”
     Mia X’s “Whatcha Wanna Do”
     Nas’s “Life's a Bitch”
     Paris’s “Outta My Life”
     Pharcyde’s “Runnin'”
     Slum Village’s “5 Ela (Remix)”
* “Humpin'”
     College Boyz’s “Humpin'”
     Mistress & DJ Madame E’s “Let it Go”
     Paperboy’s “Bumpin'”
* “Sweet Caroline”
     Yaggfu Front’s “Sweet Caroline”
* “Nothing Comes to Sleepers”
     Bumble BHE’s “Wake up from an Amerikkkan Dream”

Magician's Holiday: (Shelter 1974)
* “Tommy's Groove”
     Brand Nubian’s “Ragtime”

Gap Band IV: (Total Experience 1982)
* “Burn Rubber”
     No Face’s “Fake Hair Wearin' Bitch”
* “Outstanding” (Drums)
     A.P.G. Crew’s “Outstanding”
     Ashanti’s “Happy”
     Blackstreet’s “U Blow My Mind”
     Da Brat ft Notorious BIG’s “B-Side”
     Ice Cube’s “True to the Game”
     Kurious’s “I'm Kurious”
     Paris’s “Assata's Song”
     Paris’s “Thinka 'bout It”
     Prince Markie Dee’s “Swing My Way (Typical Reasons)”
     R Kelly’s “Summer Bunnies”
     Redman’s “Blow Your Mind”
     Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s “Outstanding”
     Shaq’s “Outstanding”
     Soul IV Real’s “Every Little Thing I Do”
     Spanish Fly’s “The Dealer”

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