Cymande: (Janus 1972)
* “The Message”
     Brothers Like Outlaw’s “?”
     King T’s “On tha Rox”
     Kings of Swing’s “2 Minutes of Funk”
     Masta Ace’s “Me & the Biz”
     MC Solaar’s “Bouge De La”
     RRA’s “And it Wasn't a Dream”
     The Coup’s “I Ain't the Nigga”
* “Zion I”
     Cash Crew’s “Munchies”
     Zhigge’s “Born Black”
* “Bra”
     Busy Bee’s “Old School”
     De la Soul’s “Change in Speak”
     Def Jef’s “Give it Here”
     DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip’s “Time to Rhyme”
     DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat”
* “Gettin' it Back”
     Hard Knocks’s “Opposite Side”
* “Dove”
     Cash Crew’s “My Insense is Burning”
     EPMD’s “U Got Shot”
     Fugees’s “The Score”
* “Rastafarian Folk Song”
     KLF’s “What Time is Love? (Moody Boys vs. the KLF)”

Second Time Around: (Janus 1972)
* “Bird”
     Family Tree’s “Hang on to Your Pride”
* “Willie's Headache”
     Smif-N-Wessun’s “?”
* “Fug”
     Blade’s “Rough it Up”
     Double XX Posse’s “Girls Be Frontin'. . .”
     Heavy D’s “Cuz He's Always Around”

Promised Heights: (Janus 1974)
* “Brothers on the Slide”
     Poison Clan’s “Peep da Flavor”

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