Squier, Billy
The Tale of the Tape: (Capitol 1980)
* “Big Beat” (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Get Down”
     ADOR’s “Let it All Hang Out”
     Almighty RSO’s “Badd Boyz”
     Beck’s “Soul Suckin Jerk”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Ain't No Half Steppin'”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Get Down”
     Big Daddy Kane’s “Put Your Weight on It”
     Chubb Rock’s “I Don't Want to Be Lonely”
     Das EFX’s “Buck-Buck”
     Def Squad’s “Can You Dig It?”
     Dizzee Rascal’s “Fix Up, Look Sharp”
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Magnificent Jazzy Jeff”
     EPMD’s “Get Wit This”
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s “Magic Carpet Ride”
     Ice Cube’s “Jackin' for Beats”
     Insane Poetry’s “Angel of Death”
     Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”
     Jungle Brothers’s “40 Below Trooper”
     King Just’s “Warriors Drum”
     King T’s “Diss You”
     Kris Kross’s “Da Bomb”
     LL Cool J’s “Droppin' 'Em”
     MC Shan’s “Born to Be Wild”
     Mission’s “Rockin' It”
     N-Tyce’s “Black to the Point”
     Naughty by Nature’s “Wickedest Man Alive”
     Professor X’s “Close the Crackhouse”
     Puff Daddy’s “Can't Hold Me Down”
     Queen Latifah’s “Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children”
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley’s “Get Ready to Roll”
     Run-DMC’s “Here We Go”
     Sam Sever’s “What's That Sound?”
     Special Ed’s “The Mission”
     T-Love & Charli 2na’s “Wannabeez”
     UNKLE’s “The Knock (Drums of Death Part 2)”
     UTFO’s “Roxanne, Roxanne”
     Wyclef Jean’s “Guantanamera”
     X-Clan’s “A Day of Outrage, Operation Snatchback”
     X-Clan’s “Xodus”

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