Little Richard
Here's Little Richard: (Specialty 1956)
* “Tutti Frutti”
     Busy Bee’s “Get Busy”
     Eric B and Rakim’s “Move the Crowd”
     Funkdoobiest’s “Wopbabalubop”
     JAMS’s “Hey Hey We Are Not the Monkees”

The Rill Thing: (Reprise 1974)
* “The Rill Thing”
     KMD’s “What a Niggy Know”
     Lord Finesse’s “Yes You May”
     Non-Prophets’s “All Word, No Play”
     Organized Konfusion’s “Why You Tryin to Play Me?”
     Pete Nice & Daddy Rich’s “Verbal Massage”
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “For Pete's Sake”

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