Tjader, Cal
Los Ritmo Caliente: (Fantasy 1954)
* “Mood for Milt”
     De la Soul’s “Watch Out”

Several Shades of Jade: (Verve 1963)
* “Borneo”
     Awol One and Daddy Kev’s “Rhythm”

Breeze from the East: (Verve 1963)
* “Black Orchid”
     Supernatural’s “Buddha Blessed It”
* “Pantana”
     Grand Puba’s “Back Stabbers”

Soul Burst: (Verve 1966)
* “The Bilbao Song”
     Pharcyde’s “Groupie Therapy”

Hip Vibrations: (Verve 1967)
* “Django”
     Davina ft Raekwon’s “So Good”
     Guru’s “Lifesaver”
     Israel and Jin’s “Comin' To Get Ya”
     Thirstin Howl III’s “John They're Stealing pt. II”

Plugs In: (Skye 1969)
* “Morning Mist”
     Alkaholiks’s “Daaam!”
* “Lady Madonna”
     Slick Rick’s “It's a Boy”
* “Spooky”
     Onyx’s “Vernoica”

Solar Heat: (Skye 1969)
* “Never My Love”
     Grand Puba’s “I Like It”

Sounds out Burt Bacharach: (Skye 1969)
* “Walk on By”
     Gang Starr’s “Full Clip”
     House of Pain’s “Word is Bond”
* “A Message to Michael”
     Criminal Scientifik’s “Yeah Daddy”

The Prophet: (Verve 1969)
* “Aquarius”
     A Tribe Called Quest’s “Interludes from _Midnight Marauders_”

Tjader: (Fantasy 1970)
* “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life”
     Jedi Mind Tricks ft Planet’s “I Against I”

Live at the Funky Quarters: (Fantasy 1970)
* “Cubano Chant”
     De la Soul’s “Watch Out”
* “Mother and Child”
     Peanut Butter Wolf ft Encore’s “Think Twice”

Descarga: (Fantasy 1971)
* “Leyte”
     Camp Lo’s “Sparkle”
     InI ft Extra P & Q-Tip’s “To Each His Own”

Here: (Galaxy 1979)
* “Morning” (Live)
     InI’s “No More Words”
     Nice & Smooth’s “Cash in My Hands”

Agua-Dulce: (Fantasy 1991)
     Beatnuts’s “Fluid”
     OC’s “What I Represent”

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